7 Easy Steps to Spot the Best Freelance Writers on Earth

Isn’t the internet flooded with freelance writers? How difficult it is to find such a freelancer? Anyone can take a pick and get the writing task done in no time at all. Right…
Of course, there are thousands of freelance writers who are more than willing to write for you at very cheap rates.

7 Easy Steps to Spot the Best Freelance Writers on Earth

7 Easy Steps to Spot the Best Freelance Writers on Earth –

But how easy is it to find the right one for you? I think a little bit of advice will help you choose the best freelance writer at the most nominal rate in the planet. Follow these tips and you can spot the best freelancer at the minimum possible time and avail their services for a good bet on your money.
A specialized freelance writer can:

  • Spin magic on words and covert your dull web content to captivating writing.
  • Bring readers and increase the traffic to your site or blog.
  • Write attractive materials that make you shine visibly on the World Wide Web.


Discovering the ideal writer for online businesses, websites, and blogs or for any other offline work is not as daunting as it seems.

Blindly follow these ideas and you will effortlessly find a high-selling competent person to write what you want.

Whether an academic writer, ghostwriter or copywriter for your website, blog or business, it is recommended to pick someone having potential to generate quality marketing content.

Here are some 7 amazing tricks of the trade that will easily guide you to the best freelance writers in the market.

1. Identify your wants

Recognize your requirements. When you have a clear picture of your writing needs then it is easy to outline and project your demands in a clear light. So, the writer you are approaching can decide on the best technique to produce content, identify related topics, sketch a deadline and also, provide apt fee formation.

You now know beforehand what to expect and the best payment bargain that you can take upon.

Some important points to ponder before engaging the services of a freelance writer:

  • Scope – Why do you want a writer? Is it to take care of your web content, technical documentation, or write SEO articles, blogs, press releases, reviews and any marketing content? Depending upon your need you can select a freelance writer based on samples of earlier works, references, experiences and qualifications (in case of technical writing). Observe the extent of your work and search for a writer who meets all conditions.
  • Research – Writing a lighthearted current blog does not depend upon time-consuming groundwork. Whereas technical or academic contents such as articles, essays, dissertations, user manuals and the lot, call for in-depth research and analysis. Study your requirements before hunting for a freelancer. This saves time and money, and in-turn you will get the finest pair of hands to deliver the best write-up for you.
  • Budget – What is your budget? Narrowing down on the cost factor is an important element of finding suitable freelance writers for your work. If you pay more than the task demands then you are the loser and if you pay less than the writing’s worth, you are still a loser…as you may end-up getting low-quality end result. It is important to identify the pulse of the latest payment trend so you don’t turn out to be the disadvantaged.
  • Timetable – Deadlines are critical. What if you find a good freelance writer but who does not deliver on time? To avoid such mishaps check the previous record of a freelance writer. Hand over some test assignments to applicants keen to take on the writing task. Ensure that they follow your calendar date and time. This will avoid later not-on-time delivery. Be strict with your time frame.

2. Go through their published works

Beforehand, go through work samples that were previously posted or published before hiring the services of a writer.

Main elements to look for are content quality, writing style, and good grammar. Get in touch with authors either through mails, chat rooms, or video conferencing depending on the nature of assignment.

Whether for big projects or independent write-ups always choose experienced freelance writers who will deliver as told. If you are open to signing up freshers, then a test content article will help you gauge their ability, prior to assigning a task.

3. Bylines vs. Ghostwriters – Whom to choose?

Ghostwriting is a popular writing style where writers pen for another name. Simply said, a ghost writer writes articles from blogs to books that are posted under the client’s name and not their own. These freelancers don’t claim the rights of publication.

In this case, the client gets 100 % royalty the article whereas the ghostwriter is paid for that single write-up only.

On the other hand, a byline offers a share to the writers as well (along with the client). However, the authors here have only limited rights to use their work and only on certain platforms such as profile posting or as sample work.

Choose who suits your needs the best. In the end, even you have to make a profit…right?

4. Never Fail to Ask these Questions

  • What is your writing experience?
  • Can you give me some samples of your work?
  • Are you aware of SEO online marketing techniques?
  • Will you include relevant images?
  • Tell me about your rejection policy approach.
  • Talk more on your revision policy practice.
  • What is you turnaround time?
  • Do you require any materials for the project?
  • What are your fees and additional charges?

5. Establish nature of work

Some prodding and probing into a freelancer’s writing practice throws light on the extent of the outcome expected from the writer. It is important to identify the nature of one’s writing as you may need the author to promote products or services using certain SEO keywords strategies.

You cannot assume that a freelancer will take care of your marketing needs too. There are experienced professionals who as part of the assignment incorporate linking terminologies in the contents.

As it is an additional job, look out for freelance writers who are experienced in this area of work.

You may want writers to include web links, images and company names in your articles. Clear the air before assigning writing tasks to freelancers.

6. Be in touch

Once you appoint a freelance writer to handle your writing requirements, remember to stay connected. Keep the communication line open as it benefits you as well as the writer who is doing the work for you.

For a high-quality on-time delivery of work it is vital to keep in touch with the freelancer.

It is not an expensive proposition. Whether locally situated or remotely located, you can establish connectivity within a few seconds. All you need is helping aids like Gmail, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and the likes to share updates, project revisions or any other aspect you want the writer to consider and implement.

Engaging in fruitful conversations will rest all doubts between parties and also, gain a first-rate final outcome.

7. Respond rightly

Everyone in this planet wants to get their work (personal or official) done on time. And freelancers are no different from the rest.

As you expect them to meet deadlines so, is the necessity to provide necessary payment on time. If you have any qualms regarding the nature of work, then do not hesitate to communicate it with the writer well before the delivery time. Do not hold back on the writer’s fee due to lack of proper contact from you.

The key to maintain the relationship with a good freelance writer is to respond rightly too! If you have extra inputs that need to be added to the article, then let the writer know in advance of updates or revisions.

Avoid misinformation and miscommunication from hampering the outcome of the assignment.
Use the services of freelance writers to take care of your writing burdens. Let them handle these extra jobs as you concentrate on running your business.

There are numerous freelancers on the internet. So, select wisely and reap the benefits of correctly and attractively worded articles. In the online business world, ‘content is mightier than the sword’. What are you waiting for?

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