How to build your blogging network using facebook

How to build your blogging network using Facebook,.. You all are struggling in your starting days for building your network today I will help you in building your blogging network using Facebook. There are many other great social media platforms other than Facebook but I found Facebook is one of the best ways to build your network.

How to build your blogging network using facebook

How to build your blogging network using facebook-
How to build your blogging network using facebook-

As we all know Facebook is a great place for making a new friend and here you can build your professional blogging network as well. In my starting days I followed the same procedure and in a short period of time I come in touch with the industry leaders and some of them start knowing that someone named Kulvant Negi is spreading his wings in the industry.

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One question is arising into your mind how you can find these peoples without knowing about them or without even knowing about their blogs or websites. I think you all are well versed with the Facebook groups, one of the best features to interact with multiple peoples at one place sitting at your home. There are many ways of finding them but the best one is finding the relevant Facebook groups related to your niche.

Let us suppose you are running a blog under Tech Niche so just search for the related groups in the Facebook search box and you will find a good number of groups and then press join button. Once your request is approved you can start posting your queries or if someone asking for help then try to answer his or her query.

In this way, you will come to know who is more active in groups in solving queries and who is providing best answers to the questions asked by you and others. You will also find the newbies who are in the same phase in which you are. Now the game starts from here.

Once you find any pro blogger or any newbie in your niche then simply go to his profile and send a friend request to the same. If he or she ask you “Why you sent a request to him or her?” then simply answer that I was looking for like-minded peoples and luckily I found you in this and this group so I thought you are one of my kinds. I am 100% sure he or she won’t reject your friend request as you are providing a genuine reason of connecting.

In this way, you can easily build your active network of peoples who are similar to your niche and you can also create your own group with them for interaction. I also a Facebook group named Blogging Tips. I used the same strategy for creating this group and now you can see I have 32000+ members in this. You can also become the part of this growing family. I hope these tips will help you guys in building your blogging network. Do comment your views in the comment section and share some more tips for building your network using Facebook that you are using personally.

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