How to get free traffic from Tumblr?

Get traffic from tumblr trick  is mostly used by new generation of south America and some countries of Europe. In Asian countries like India , Pakistan only few peoples are known how to use tumblr and get benefits from it.

Tumblr is founded since in 2007 and owned by yahoo CEO in 2013 . tumblr is a social media like Facebook but have some different features. Tumblr has grown very quickly in last few years.

You can make a blog on tumblr also known as micro blogging . You can share blog post, like it and repost on your blog. Almost 80% of people are from USA, Canada and UK. There are 50 millions visitor on it.If you can’t read any blog of tumblr but after that post you get traffic from it.


for get traffic from tumblr you want to sign up. after the sign up select your blog name and URL. URL be like After creating the account on tumblr leave it for 24 hour.

If you use it on 1 day your account will be blocked. After 24 hours upload your profile picture and cover photo related to your niche.

Now go to google and search tumblr tagged ( your niche) like my niche is blogging so I write tumblr tagged blogging.

Now you will see many post . click it in any of them. and you will get thousand of accounts related to your niche. Follow all the people and blogs who which are related to your topic.

You can follow 200 people blogs a day so if you follow daily 200 after a 25 days you will follow 5000 peoples blogs. and you will also get 1500 followers after the 1 month. Now the game begin.

Share your post on tumblr account and you easily gets huge and real traffic from tumblr. not only follow people start conversation with them , post viral photo , videos also so your followers also get entertain.

Send special content in message and ask for her to feedback about you. This is one of the best way to get traffic if you doing hard work on it you will get reward and doing it with patience because its need some time.

Focus on your work and choose only those people who are interested in your work. If someone is not unfollow him. the last and important point is make your blog attractive and check it at least 1 time in 24 hours.


If your blog start to get traffic from tumblr and you have no time for check and post on it so you can also use for it . This social media management help you to schedule your tumblr post and post it on time but this service is not free , you want to pay some fee after every one month.

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