Niche site 2.0 : Found the niche and Avoided the Mistakes that I did previously!

I’ve avoided the mistakes I did in the first niche site. Now, I will post updates regularly because I’ve deactivated my facebook account which was sucking time from my schedule.

Now, The only thing I will do is I will work whole day (My college costs me 7 hours a day. As I am working on my startup too, I am getting less time to work on niche sites and mainly my 2 blogs.

Found the niche and Avoided the Mistakes that I did previously!

Found the niche and Avoided the Mistakes that I did previously!
Found the niche and Avoided the Mistakes that I did previously!

Here comes the main part. I have selected the Amazon niche. Yes, I used to dis-agree when someone used to tell me that Let us start one amazon niche site…But now I think in the different way.

And one more thing, I am not going to reveal the domain as well as Niche until I make Authority site on that niche. Yeah, This time I am going to make whole authority site on the niche I am targeting. It will not be like, Just rank for the one keyword and make some money every month from that site.

I am going to make whole site which will contain each and everything about the niche and will make much money from that site.

I have selected the product that I am going to promote. For example, let it be Briefcases. Then, I will target every keyword that comes under Briefcases niche. I will also show the world that it is my site. But, I will not reveal the URL on this blog.

If you want to find my site, it will not be hard for you because I am using my real identity with that site as a author and all. Now, let me tell you about earning sources of the site.

Earning Source of NICHE SITE 2

As some of you know that I was already thinking about making a site that can earn money from adsense, I have selected the niche that can give me money from Adsense.

The suggested bids of the keywords are between 80Rs to 150Rs+. It means that if I will target some keywords having high search volume from my niche, it will make good amount of money.

Now, Here comes the main earning source. It will be from Amazon Affiliate. Main earning source of the site will be from amazon. I will make list articles as well as some informative articles on my site and will make money from the sales I will get.

Now, let me tell you about the targeted audience of the Niche site 2.

Most traffic (More than 55%) is from USA and after that comes UK. The price of the products remains between $100 to $1000+ for this niche.

So, After increasing the traffic, If I will get some sales in a day, I will be making good amount of money from the site.

This time, I have not selected the exact match domain because when I used to select exact match domain, Other bloggers were not allowing me to post guest articles on their site because they think that exact match domain means SPAM.

This time, I have selected the domain which can be made authority domain in it’s niche! I can also proudly guest post on other blogs!

Now, Let me tell you How I will make backlinks for this niche site.

As always, I will take most advantage of Guest posting and also blog commenting. Now, I will also add my site to my profiles on other sites so that I can get good profile links!

I will comment Genuinely on Genuine blogs even if it is nofollow because that will help me to drive some traffic to my site as well as it will diverse anchor texts. Nofollow backlinks are equally important as dofollow ???? !

One more thing! Before some days, I had posted one status update on facebook that I learnt something new! That new thing is, Targeting keywords having 30-40-60-100 search volumes are not at all bad, Even they can give you some sales! it will also help you to increase content on your site.

So, this is what I am going to do for Second Niche site! I may reveal the domain name and niche whenever I will think that my niche site is now authority in the niche I am targeting! Happy blogging ???? . I will soon post update about the niche site 2! Keep sharing knowledge!

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