The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Choosing a Domain Name

Do you think that “I want to start an online business or blog, I also purchased a professional theme and web hosting, but I am stuck at deciding which domain name should I choose”.?

Do you know that most of the professional stuck at this point? Why? Because you can change the theme and host anytime when you want, But if you try to change your domain name, it ruins all the reputation that domain name has generated.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Choosing a Domain Name

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Choosing a Domain Name
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Choosing a Domain Name

You see, the domain name is a crucial thing. You cannot handle it in a hurry. Some people have chosen a domain name without caring what they are doing, and in the long, run they had to pay for their biggest mistakes. Their blogs don`t rank; they get copyright issues, and also sometimes they quit blogging or their online profession.

This all because most of the people ignore the importance of choosing a well researched and good domain name.

Today, I am going to highlight some major points of the complete domain name guide here, which you should consider before you make your mind to buy a domain name.

1) Easy to type and remember:

When choosing a domain name many people do mistake choosing the wrong word or misspell the word which causes a lot of confusion. It is always recommended that you should choose a domain name which is easy to type and also easy to remember.

For example, if you want to buy a domain name such as Health Blog, and you will see that is not available, in this case, many people try to buy something like, which seriously confuse a visitor as S and Z sound similar here.

In such case you can go for something like, it`s not just easy to type but easy to remember also.

2) Short:

The short name is always easy to remember. Even in our daily routine, we cut short the name of people to remember and call easily such as Alexander is also Alex. Why we do that because everyone loves short names. Same thing applies to the domain name.

If your domain name is short and attractive, It will surely take place in the heart of people, and they will love to visit your blog.

For example, We all know about Godaddy, this is a good example of a short name, but what if they have purchased something different such as, there is no doubt that domain is telling what the site is all about, but it is long and also look dull.

As most of the short domain names have already been sold, the chances are that you not find what you are looking for in that case you can go for a mix of two or three words but not more than that.

3) Keywords:

Using Keywords in domain name also help you to tell people and search engines, what your website or blog is all about. Keywords contribute to rank higher in search engines and when you use them in the domain name, URL and content also, they boost your chances to get ranked. But you have to optimize keywords properly.

For example: If I want to buy a domain name about iOS or Apple updates, and I know that ios updates and Apple updates are not in my control, so I can go for the name tells that site is all about iOS. look like tech site –, Architecture –

4) Top Level Domain Name Extension:

When choosing a domain name, you will always find a list of so many domain name extensions, and you can choose any or all of them. But it is always wise that you stick with.COM.

.Com is the most loved and widely recommended domain name extension. Why? Because even an ordinary person believes that a website always has .com. People are not aware of other extensions.

So your first preference should always be to choose a .com domain, and if you cannot find what you are looking for .com, then you can go for .org, .net, .us etc.

For example, If I were not able to find then I would have bought or, or I have purchased some other domain name with.COM only.

5) Avoid Hyphens and numbers:

Are you going to choose a domain name which says top10 or top-ten? If yes, believe me in both cases you are going to confuse your valuable visitors highly. People find it hard to remember is a domain name has numeric or characters to express numbers. Same issue with hyphens, people usually forget to use them and mistakenly visit purchase site.

So if you use these things, you will make your visitors land on the website of other people.

6) Ahh! to Copyright:

Are you going to buy a domain name similar to the name of a big brand? My advice, don`t do that. If you buy a domain name which includes the name of big brands then you are inviting that brand to sue you or take down your blog because you have violated the copyright of a company, organization or individual.

For example: If you are using that means you are violating the trademark.


These are the six crucial factors which you should consider when choosing a domain name for your blog or business. Remember your domain is your asset. It is the online representation of your business. You cannot avoid the importance of it. You should always focus on the above factors when choosing a domain name.

Considering these factors will help you to find a domain name which is not just brandable and unique but also easily become popular on social networks also and search engines will also love that.

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