Time Management Tips for Writers

Time management is very important in every known domain out there and without it, you get the feeling that nothing gets done. Any google search will give you at least 10 excellent ideas on time management but what some people fail to observe is that these tips must be applied to every category in part.

Time Management Tips for Writers

And if you’re looking for some awesome tips to save time and be more productive as a writer, the following rows should be your bible.

When You Decide to Write, Write!

No matter if you decide to do it for hours in a row or just for half an hour, you need to make the most out of your writing time. Sure, it doesn’t sound like something you need special research to understand, however, it’s very important not to get distracted when writing about something. For example, writing a 2000-words essay might take you 3 hours when you’re in the right state of mind and focused on your writing. But keeping the Facebook tab open in your browser and the occasional chatting with a friend or girlfriend will definitely extend that to at least 4 hours or even 5.

The Internet is the biggest distraction of them all so when you’re writing it’s better to just switch off your internet connection or, if you need internet while writing, use a tool to restrict access to sites like Facebook, 9GAG, Instagram, Snapchat or anything else that might ruin your writing streak.

Keep Interruptions to a Minimum

Even though you took care of the self-induced interruptions by cutting off the internet or specific websites that might tempt you into procrastination, that doesn’t solve any interruption that might appear. A ringing doorbell, the telephone, your brother or sister asking a question, a text from your wife, all are an interruption and no matter how brief they are, they’ll eat a lot of your writing time.

The easy workaround in this situation would be to have your own office, even if you’re working from home but since that’s not always possible, you can simply ask one family member of a person you are living with to protect your writing time by keeping others away and doing the tasks that would normally interrupt you such as answering the phone.

Make Sure You Get Enough Rest

Even if you’re a full-time writer or just doing it as a hobby, you surely have other things to do with your day. It’s very important to fully utilize the time you don’t spend writing for re-filling your batteries and getting time for yourself. Make sure you always have enough time for rest and to get out with your friends or to see a movie. All these things are important and will keep you from burning out, a state in which you won’t be able to do any creative work done.

Take at least 30 minutes or an hour of your day to just sit back and relax, doing something you really love and feel you don’t have enough time to do. Either if it’s gardening or catching up with your friends, make sure you take breaks as well.

Better Planning Turns into Less Writing Time

It’s never a good idea to jump directly into writing no matter if you’re just starting a new project or just continuing an older one. Take some time to plan and decide on what you’re going to focus on and what are the main topics you want to hit. Even though it might seem like a lost time for some, a good plan can cut your total writing time in half and that’s precious time you can spend relaxing afterwards.

Research and planning for a new paper are a must even though you feel that you have a good idea on what you’re going to write about, take some time to put everything in place, at least. Once you have a good sketch of what you’re going to write about, you will find writing a lot easier.

Never Stop Learning About Writing

Of course, this applies to any domain possible but especially for writing. You surely noticed that when you’re writing about something you know and love, it seems that the piece is writing itself. Of course, you won’t always find the time to study and learn every subject you have to write about, however, you can definitely find time to study the craft, art and business of writing.

When dealing with a lot of work, it might seem impossible to find time for studying the new writing techniques and what is the best to shape your characters, however, you should definitely do so as you’ll see for yourself how much of a positive effect this will have on your total writing time.

So, next time you bang your head on the wall for not writing as much as you wanted to or not meeting a deadline, know that there are other people in your situation and that you’ll definitely find a way to solve everything if you know where to look.

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