To get good blog comments on your blog or for your post is quite a difficult job for any blogger (apart from someones). Every blogger tries their level best to write some excellent articles. But due to less traffic and poor awareness of the blog, the comment count is near about Zero. The blogging entirely depends on your network with other bloggers.

I have seen many sites where a large number of comments come from fellow bloggers only other than the pure readers. So now coming to the topic will be sharing some tips through which you can get more comments on your blog. One thing that I am not providing you sure shot guarantee that your comment count will surely increase but what is there to try out something.

Get More Comments on Your Blog

Tips to Get More Comments on Your Blog –

Read out this below-mentioned tips to get more comments on your blog and let us know your experience on this.

Post Quality Content:

Its always said that “Content Is The King” so try to provide some quality content which the readers should like to read. Read some quality blog off and try to find out what they are posting and in which sense they are posting. Search on Google News to find what is there in current trends and according to that post articles. So, do some R&D and choose some quality articles that make sense.

Need and Requirement of Readers:

You must see to it that the visitors and readers which are visiting your site are really interested in reading the article which you have written? Its always recommended seeing what is the need of the readers? What did they want to read? Don’t post the content which you like to read. Analyze the reader’s mind and as per their requirement post articles. Otherwise, if you are posting as per your want and needs nobody will like to read it.

Make Your Content Readable:

I have seen many sites which provides excellent and updated content to their readers. But the font size and style are so complicated that its very difficult to read the whole post. So make sure you have selected the proper font size and style so that anyone can read it properly.

Proper Comment System:

Nowadays there are so many commenting systems are available to choose. If you are on WordPress then you can select the Default comment system or can go for LiveFyre, Disqus, or any other you know. If you are on blogger than you can go for the default one or the one which I have mentioned for WordPress also. The reason is that it should be easy to comment. some comment systems are too complicated to handle.

Provide Time To Time Responses:

As an admin of the blog, you should always take care that you reply on time to the comments. If some readers have some problem or suggestion to your article and they comment on it to get your feedback but you don’t have time to reply than that is not good. You should always reply to the comment within 2-3 days so other time the reader will love to comment because he/she is getting a reply from your side.

Conduct Polls / Ask Questions:

Make a practice of asking questions at the end of each and every post. If you don’t ask the reader to provide their feedback they will never do it though there are some exceptional case. But ask some question related to the post, conduct a small poll and ask them to provide their opinion in terms of YES and NO. It will surely help you as well as the readers.

Use Some Classic WordPress Plugins:

Well if you are on WordPress then there is a good news for you. There are some excellent plugins available that you can use to get more comment as well as visitors that can return back to your blog. See the below list of plugins that can help you.

This 3 plugin will definitely be going to help you. Thank Me Later will send a customized email to the reader who has provided comment on the post. CommentLuv is great and one of my favorite plugin to have, especially other bloggers are interested in that kind of blog which is powered by CommentLuv.

Contest/Giveaway :

The last and final option is to organize some giveaway/contest and provide some excellent prizes like some gadgets, license software to the winner for free of cost. This will surely increase the number of comment but for that particular post only. Or make a task in a contest to give comment on other posts on this blog and see how the comment count increases.

So, this all are some tricks that you can try on your blog and can get more comments on your blog. If you have any other suggestion than drop a comment below we will get back to you on that.

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