Why is NBFC the best choice for gold loans?

Are you looking for a gold loan? However, you are struggling to be sure where you should go for the loan. Should you go to your neighborhood pawnbroker? Or should you go for NBFC? Well, no need to worry about this anymore. Just keep reading on and stay with me till the end. All your doubts will be clear.

Why is NBFC the best choice for gold loans?

You already have some kind of ideas about gold loans, right? Nothing is new about gold loans. Especially in India, it is a very old practice for borrowing and lending money against gold. This practice is still very popular in this era. The process is very quick and flexible with good schemes. You just need your gold which most Indian households have. But right now, you are facing a lot of confusion about what you should choose for gold loans. Whether you choose NBFCs or banks or any jewelry broker? I would suggest you go for NBFC rather than a bank or any other place. The reason is that NBFCs provide quick and easy service that you do not get in a bank or other places. You do not have to worry about gold too as they are licensed and work under all government rules and regulations. In that, I would highly recommend you to choose Rupeek Gold Loan company. This company is well trusted and reliable and also provides low interest gold loans. Let’s see what facilities it provides to us.

Interest rates

They provide you the minimal interest rates because they have the least risk profile. That’s why they can provide you with affordable interest rates for such loans. They also have facilities for small EMIs due to minimal interest rates so that it will be easy for you to repay and you don’t feel much burden. It has a feature to calculate the interest rates according to today’s gold loan rate per gram so you can check for yourself.

Speedy distribution

As I have said above, NBFCs provide you with a very speedy distribution. The paperwork and distribution process doesn’t take much time. Rupeek has only four steps to apply online. You just need your ID proof (Aadhar card, pan card, voter card, etc.) and address proof (electric bill or water bill) if your ID proof doesn’t have it. That’s it, sometimes things get done in only one hour. You should check the website to know more.

Doorstep facility

Nowadays in this pandemic, it’s not easy for our parents or grandparents to go outside. But don’t worry Rupeek provides you doorstep service, it doesn’t matter if you are choosing small-ticket or big-ticket gold loans. After your application, a representative from the company will come to your home to collect the gold with all the documentation. Don’t you think it’s amazing? How thoughtful they are actually.

No need for a credit score

If you go for other loans you need to have a good credit score. Any default in your credit history is a big hindrance to borrowing loans. But in this case, there is no need for your credit history. Gold loans are very secured in nature to the lender. They already have your Gold so there is no need to worry about much to untrust you. Rupeek also does not demand any credit history of yours.

Flexibility in repayment options

The options of repayment are very flexible. You do not need to feel a burden. Rupeek provides three options interest payment, bullet payment, and part payment. You can choose any option that is convenient to you and your financial condition. It also provides you with a long tenure so that it will be easy for you to repay well.

Safety of your gold

Do you fear what happens if your gold is stolen? What if your gold is misplaced? What if they never give back your gold? Well, all these concerns are valid as they have your precious gold. But Rupeek takes full responsibility for it. Your Gold will be safe with them. Please check out the website to know more about how they keep people’s gold safe.

No need for income proof

As I have mentioned above, a gold loan is secured in nature for the lender so they do not fear giving you money as they already have your gold. Therefore, there is no need for any income proof to give them. Isn’t it so easy and a relief? Because providing income documents is a big headache.

So, the conclusion is here that if you consider things beyond the interest rates, Ru-peek is the best choice to go for. It has Novel options and schemes plus great facilities. I would suggest you visit the website once so that you can consider the best option. I hope this helps you, thanks for reading.

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