Best Free Hashtag Tools for Small Business

So you’ve become a hashtag master, huh? That’s no easy feat. Really, I’m proud of ya. The last time I used a hashtag, I tried to use #tortieclub for my cat’s Instagram and I accidentally tagged #tortoiseclub instead. Now my cat’s Instagram following is half tortoiseshell cats, half tortoises.

Best Free Hashtag Tools for Small Business

You may find that while it’s not so difficult to come up with hashtags, effectively using them once you post something is a bit more challenging, especially when it comes to running a small business. Not to worry! I did the research for you. And guess what? I made sure every tool I dug up offered a free version.


If you took two minutes at an attempt to research the best hashtag tools for small business yourself, this guy probably showed up. And that isn’t a bad thing! You can easily test the waters of the popularity of any hashtag your heart desires.

Additionally, a search on Hashtagify comes with other easter eggs to keep you in the know-how. Here’s just a sample of what else they have to offer:

Not only does Hashtagify offer you the analysis of a chosen hashtag, but related searches and the top influencers who use it. That’s pretty cool when you want to be the best of the best—tortoiseshell cats and small businesses alike.


This guy is a lifesaver if you find yourself exhausted and burnt out by the creative process; sometimes adding in hashtags after your post is all set seems like overkill, and I’m sure as a small business owner that can be even more frustrating. RiteTag can actually come up with hashtags based on a picture, but can also do it based on text as well.

When I tested the picture feature with my cat, Ozma, this is what game up:

I’m not gonna be nitpicky because I’m more impressed than not. Like, I’m glad they could tell she’s a cat. If I was a worse person I’d probably complain about the tool not picking up that she’s a tortoiseshell cat or is in a box, but whatevs. AI is trying its best.

I was a little less impressed by the extraction of hashtags from text feature—not because they got rid of the picture of my cat in a box—but because it didn’t pull unique keywords from the text.

In spite of that, I still like RiteTag because of what it can do with a picture, and that’s probably more important anyway, especially when it comes to product photography. Because of the nature of product photography (the crispness of the image, the clarity of what the image is of) RiteTag should have no problem plucking relevant hashtags based on what you upload.

Warble Alerts

For Twitter enthusiasts, Warble Alerts is a bit simpler and doesn’t require a lot of finagling, but if you want alerts of hashtag mentions from Twitter sent straight to your email, then this tool is perfect for you.

Sometimes checking an email is a lot easier than logging into a website. Scratch that—it is easier, and as an entrepreneur you’re preoccupied with a million things. Getting a quick message to your inbox allows you to check in on the activity of a hashtag at your leisure, without the stress.

The Best Free Hashtag Tools for Small Business

When you’re first starting your small business, it can be tempting to jump headfirst into some of the premium and more pricey social media tools. That isn’t to say they aren’t good (some of them are very good) but it’s worth knowing there are free options available too.

Having an understanding of the tools available to you is essential when you want to be on top of your social media game. And hey, your business is your baby (much like how my cat is my baby) and keeping track of all the ins and outs can push you to new heights. Good luck, and hopefully these tools will always be of good use!

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