Mobile Apps help organizations to Elevate its Business

In the recent years, it was notable that smartphone has influenced many people’s life in both personal and commercial aspects. Smartphone becomes an important part of everyone’s daily activities. Some new surveys have also witnessed the increase in a number of mobile internet users; this leads to the increase in a number of mobile applications.

Few recent analysis also claims that rate of users accessing internet services through their mobile phones exceeds the desktop users. This drastic change has the effect on various sectors like entertainment, gaming, education and more. And, now it is time for business to move towards the mobile applications.

Mobile Apps help organizations to Elevate its Business

Mobile Apps help organizations to Elevate its Business

The rise in mobile apps alarms the small business professionals to update their business with these applications. To compete with the other companies and to succeed in their business, small companies must develop an own mobile app for them. These mobile applications can boost the small business in many constructive ways.

Most of the companies had already adopted these mobile apps for their business, but still, some of the smaller enterprises are not started to develop an app. There are various reasons for the companies to build a new own mobile app for their growth. Few of the advantages of having the mobile app are enlisted below.

1.Enhance the customer relationship

The mobile app will constantly present on the customers’ mobiles helps the company to attain a brand name among the people. It can also provide information at the fingertips, which can increase the customer experience.

Both a mobile app and mobile-friendly website are essential for a business, whereas they serve different services. Mobile apps are well suitable for holding the customers and also to engage with the clients.

2.Consumer dependability program

Consumers who download the mobile app will receive more discounts, deals and variety of offers to buy a product. In order to make the mobile app more effective, companies must survey the customers to get helpful information. These surveys will help to improve the business and also it makes the customer feel as valued and appreciated.

Few years before, punch cards were attained a great success to reward the consumers, but tracking the punch cards became a frustrating process to both the consumer and the seller. To solve this issue, coupons are made to available through mobile apps. These mobile apps will count the rewards and send birthday coupons or other special coupons to the customers. These pre-programmed apps are considered as a great solution to the previous paper punch cards.

3.Online payments

Online payments are time-saving processes that allow the user to make all the money transactions via electronic mode. Some online payment apps allow the small businesses to accept credit or debit cards and manage other transactions by using mobile phones, tablets and more.

4.Boosting the sales

According to a survey, it was observed that fifty-five percent of companies were designed their app to increase the sales. A better mobile app can provide faster checkout to buy a product, which eventually boosts the sales. These apps provide a better platform to search and purchase a product irrespective of the consumers’ location. It also increases the sale by informing the customers about the new products, deals, events and much more.

5.Pop-up notifications

The main advantage of having mobile app is that businesses can send notifications directly to their customers. Business owners can send notifications regarding offers, deals and discounts to the users with the help of these applications. By the results of a survey, it was found that nearly ninety percent of customers using a commercial app by an appropriate company receive information within forty-five seconds of the announcement.


Mobileappscan create a viral marketing to the companies. These apps also have share link to distribute the information about the app. It helps to spread the app on a huge scale and sharing through social media sites and email also gain more referrals.

A functional and well-designed app can earn the trust of more customers that makes the user share the details among their relatives and friends. It gradually increases the number of users for the particular app.

7.Mobile communication and cooperation

Communication is a key factor for all types of businesses. Mobile apps can help to increase the collaboration and to minimize emails. Some of them offer businesses to facilitate group cooperation and to share information and documents to all the team members. It provides information to all the members in one place.

8.Mobile customer relationship management support

Mobile apps can track the list of tasks, contact details, opportunities, emails, organizations, projects, and calendar, which was far better than the old method of write down main details on receipts. Business professionals and managers can use their mobile customer relationship management to scan and add contact details automatically. This mobile customer relationship management can help the sales executive to control their sales pipeline, check-in, previous correspondence, quotes and client information.

Advantages of mobile application marketing over other marketing mediums

From a survey, it was revealed that people have installed 26 apps in their mobile phones on an average. It shows the increase in a number of mobile apps in the market and also the need of mobile apps to businesses. A product can be advertised by various means of marketing. Some of the benefits offered by mobile marketing over other marketing methods are discussed below.

1.Mobile Marketing Vs. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a traditional method of advertising a business by sending an email to the subscriber. Still now, it works for many businesses, but it does not guarantee that the subscriber read the mail. But, mobile marketing is not like email marketing that sends “push notifications” to the user.

Push notifications can occur for many reasons like calendar can send a push notification to remind about the event. Push notifications guaranteed that the information read by the subscriber.

According to a study, around twenty percent of emails were opened by the recipient and about 5.4 percent of people were responded to the link provided in the email. But, push notifications can be opened by 30 to 60 percent of users and around 40 percent of people can interact with the app instantly after receiving the notifications.

2.Mobile Marketing Vs. Social media sites

Most of the businesses started to advertise their companies through the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by creating their own company pages. While posting on social media, users only view the information and they did not purchase any product. But, mobile apps not only provide information and it also helps the user to purchase a product.


Mobile apps provide the best platform to showcase the services and products of the businesses. Companies which are still not creating their own mobile apps must design their app for their development. Mobile app development can be done by various tools that need less investment and minimum time period. Developing a mobile app will need some smart planning and creative thinking. Nowadays, many open source tools are available to reduce the app development process into a simplified one. Hence, mobile apps are highly beneficial to the industries to boost up their growth in the business.

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