Things I learned while making my Product (And every Entrepreneur should learn)

Becoming Entrepreneur or you can say successful business person by own is not at all easy.

I’m not telling you this to show myself above you, but it’s reality. It’s not true that if you have investment, your company is successful. TVF Pitchers is good Series, but it shows that you are successful if you have funds.

Things I learned while making my Product (And every Entrepreneur should learn)

Things I learned while making my Product (And every Entrepreneur should learn)

It’s not like that. Here in this article, I am going to show you what I’ve learned while making the product Named

If you are not aware of Cloudwale, Here is it.

About Cloudwale :

It’s the Web hosting Company using which you can manage your server very easily.

Now, Coming back to the point. What I’ve learned while making this product? While working on it, I’ve also read some books related to Business and chasing dreams and Mind power but Here are some things that I learned by myself!

I believe that Every new Entrepreneur should learn from my mistakes and If you find it worth reading (Read time of this article is just 5-6 minutes), Share this with your friends. This 5-6 minutes will save months of them if they are making any product or going to make any product.

1. Become Business, Not Startup

The startup is something that is trending nowadays. Yes, It should. It’s because Startup means lots of Investment.

Also, If you are Indian, you’ll get some support from Government if you will call yourself as Startup and register yourself in Startup India or similar programs.

The meaning of Startup is the business that is growing. Nowadays Meaning of Startup is Completely changed. Now Startup Means getting Investment as the priority.

One more thing that makes you lazy by the name of the startup is, you’ll think that you can spend more and more on your product as the money isn’t yours.

As you know, it’s easy to spend other’s money. The Investment you get is hard earned by someone. Use it as it’s your own.

Better than that is spending your money on your product. It will increase your urge to make your product successful, and you’ll work harder.

Important: Business cares about income from the first day itself, Startups don’t!

2. Make Good At Home Product

Many products look good at the market, but once you bring them home, they are useless. It’s because the product is not so good as it’s Cover or Pack looks.

In my case, I would not build something that is Great at Design and whose UI is unbeatable. I would make something that is simple and Very Useful for End users.

And yes, I made the same kind of product. It is very helpful and works on every server in the world with Ubuntu as Operating system. In the case of my Competitor’s Product, It’s excellent at UI and has fancy Design but, It only works with some servers.

One more thing, Your Product might worth millions of dollars. If you will giveaway it for free to everyone, you’ll end up losing it’s value and Standard.

Yes, To get the attraction, you can give away some accounts for free at the launch of the product, but never give away something for free in which you’ve invested your time and money.

3. First Work Yourself, Then Hire!

When you get lots of money to get the shit done, You’ll end up hiring someone for every single task. While, It’s wrong.

For example, you want PHP developer; First, try to code in PHP by yourself. When you think you can’t do it anymore, Just hire someone to do that work.

It’s because once you will get an experience of that thing, You’ll know what your developer is doing and you can criticize when something is going wrong.

Just think, You don’t even know how PHP code works and how to code exactly in PHP. You hired the PHP developer to get the thing done. He coded it poorly, and still it functions properly. You’ll pay him for Shit work. All your money goes into the pocket of your developer for nothing.

There are two kinds of developers; one thinks that only output matters but another thinks that production matters but the code itself matters too! Hire 2nd developer.

Long Story short, Grind until you need the employee to complete that particular task badly.

4. Don’t go for Expensive Sh***!

When you get money for free, You start spending it like water. You make separate fancy offices, high-quality computers, etc. it’s not needed.

Currently, You’ll  feel that you are going in the right direction but believe me, I’ve done all these things, and I will never do it again. Don’t go for anything expensive things at first.

You don’t need as much as you think.

My office isn’t fancy but It’s office, and that’s all that matters! You’ll initially waste lots of money in making such fancy offices, but you’ll need more money to manage it too! At last, you will end up losing all money you got to develop your product in making something that is not needed.

Conclusion: Making something new which does not exist is very hard and yes, you need some money to kickstart the idea. But you should understand that your product isn’t ready, and you’ll face many problems making it possible.

Long story short, Invest yourself and try not to take any investment from others. You can go for the loan if you are confident enough that you will make it possible.

You can assume the above-given points as my 4-5 month experience as Entrepreneur. Share this with your friend so that they can learn something new. If you have any questions, you can comment them down. I will surely help you to solve them!.

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