Bitcoin: Android Top Wallets

While utilizing a mobile wallet, you can pay fast and conveniently; mobile wallets are linked to the Internet continually (i.e. hot wallets), making them more susceptible to assaults. In addition, mobile devices are regularly lost, destroyed and stolen. There are specific reasons why you lose your wallet by losing your device or getting robbed, breaking your telephone without any backups or invaders accessing your phone without authorization. Your private wallet key is placed on your mobile wallet so that anybody who has access to your phone may transfer money to themselves using your Bitcoin app! For more precise and accurate information, visit Bitcoin Equaliser.

Bitcoin: Android Top Wallets


Mycelium is one of the safest and fastest-working wallets on the market, featuring a wide range of advanced privacy and security features for dedicated users. Again, it may have a beginner learning curve, but it’s worth conquering.

One thing that people sometimes miss is that it is open-source. Unfortunately, the wallet does not match the website or desktop interface. Thus you can only access your money via your wallet. However, the good news is that Mycelium customers may sync their wallets with a hardware wallet to provide optimum safety.

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Ledger Nano

Although the Nano X is not a mobile wallet, it is accessible through a mobile app. This functionality enables you to see and control your assets from your Android device directly. The Nano X interface is made through the Ledger Live mobile application. The installation and setup processes are not flawless according to the first evaluations. However, this model maintains the simple design of the ledger, which is arguably one of the safest methods to keep your cash.


In seconds, begin researching blockchain applications. Confident in more than 1 million users globally. MetaMask is the easiest and safest method to connect to blockchain-based applications.


Looking for a simpler Mycelium alternative? You’ve covered BreadWallet and known as one of Android’s easiest-to-use wallets on the market. Like Mycelium, BreadWallet’s source code is available, which means the community is back with security and feature improvements. Note that BreadWallet is a simple wallet programme, which means that your wallet has a minimum choice for sending and receiving.

BreadWallet is particularly good for anyone using mobile Bitcoin wallets, even if advanced users are better off using a more complex wallet software. BreadWallet is excellent if you want to send and receive Bitcoin purely for personal transactions; however, keep in mind that the security is low, so be careful about your activity. BreadWallet is only accessible for mobile devices like Mycelium.


The safe application to store cryptography for yourself. In one location, all your digital assets. Use decentralized applications. Pay friends, not addresses, not addresses. Take complete control of your tokens and pickups and save them on your device. Manage BTC, ETH, LTC, and every token of your ERC-20. Cats, monsters, art – store in one gorgeous gallery all your ERC721 items.


In the scene, Jaxx arrives hot like our 4th Android bitcoin wallet, new and controversial. Jaxx is an all-in-one for cryptocurrency fans with an easy GUI, wallet access across many devices and interoperability with other cryptocurrencies. Users with a portfolio of Ethereum, Litecoin and other prominent cryptocurrencies can connect their accounts to Jaxx.

Worse still, developers within the community have not solved a safety problem involving wallet safety. Jaxx is a fantastic concept, but it is highly recommended not to keep many coins on Jaxx because of these problems. Once all the problems are fixed, Jaxx will be one of the best Android Play Store wallet apps.


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GreenAddress (aka GreenBits)

Last but not least, GreenAddress is the ultimate rival in our best Android Bitcoin wallet. You may anticipate strong security and powerful wallet functionality but a slightly poorer user experience than others like Airbitz. GreenAddress is complicated overall. Thus we do not suggest it for novices or customers.

No matter what Android mobile wallet you want, you need to take specific steps to secure your bitcoins constantly. Set your wallet with a PIN to avoid a lost or stolen phone allowing unscrupulous people access. If the app does not permit a PIN, advise the developer or try finding a different app. Note the 12-24 word seed received when creating a wallet.


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