New Crypto or Major Coins, Which are the Best?

The volatility nature of crypto currencies is a matter of concern among many crypto investors. Though the value of major digital currencies has been increasing steadily over the years, some new currencies have emerged with better features. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit Bitcoin Profit.

While new cryptocurrencies come with a low price tag, you need to know whether it’s high time you consider them as an alternative, or stick to the major coins. This saves you from the uncertainty of losing your valuable income by investing in the wrong digital currency.

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Are you stuck on old coins or prefer trying out new coins? Read on!

Investor Trust

Old coins consist of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin among others. These digital currencies dominate the crypto ecosystem since they have won the confidence of many investors. Just like in business, clients tend to trust entities that have been around   for a while compared to new firms. This is linked to uncertainty associated with the fate of new firms. As such, investing in major coins is safer compared to the new cryptocurrencies.

High value

High popular sparks demand and boost value. If you want to invest in crypto that has high returns, then old coins are a perfect choice. Despite excellent features linked to new digital currencies, low pricing may highly affect your return on investment. In that case old coins are more attractive to high value investors looking for big investment opportunities.


With over 4000 digital currencies available in the crypto market, investing in unpopular crypto exposes you to danger of losing your entire investment. This is attributed to uncertainty in market conditions that may not favor your pricing model.


Long term investors interested in long term investment may not find new coins attractive. With the stiff competition in the crypto environment coupled by shifting market conditions, it may be challenging to trade for a long time. The major coins may suddenly push the price of your preferred crypto exposing you to the danger of losing your entire investment.

Additionally, the low demand may stifle the price downwards making it difficult to achieve much in your investment. This is contrary to trading with major coins which can easily be traded for fiat currencies on various exchanges leading to high returns.

Mainstream acceptance

Major coins enjoy mainstream acceptance by various merchants around the World. This gives an edge over new currencies which are not supported by various players. The increased confidence by giant trading platforms makes it easier for you to trade freely without challenges.

Unlike most new crypto currencies, you may find it challenging to purchase on various platforms. Additionally, many crypto exchanges support major digital currencies hence you can easily exchange it for other currencies.


While most new crypto currencies come with advanced technology features that are scalable, they may not rival major players in many ways. Besides acceptance in the financial and forex market, major coins can be traded like fiat currencies across many sectors. This gives them an edge over other digital currencies.

Final Thoughts

With over 4000 digital currencies in the World of crypto, you may find it confusing on whether to invest in major coins or the new crypto currencies.

While you have a pool of choices to invest in, major coins still remain promising compared to the new versions. This is because users are more certain about the future of major coins compared to new coins. As such, it would make it easier for you to invest and trade your coins across various platforms without fear of the unknown.  Are you still confused on whether to invest in new or major digital currencies? The insight in this article is ideal for you!

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