Should I invest in Crypto or forex?

According to a Triennial central Bank survey, the forex market is the largest in the world with an estimated daily trading volume of $6.6 trillion. This is contrary to the crypto daily trading volume estimated to be   roughly $62 billion.

Typically, trading forex and crypto is associated with high volatility. The sudden shift in prices makes both forex and crypto trading high risk investments. Be that as it may, the sectors are rated among the most lucrative Worldwide based on the estimated trading volume. This means many investors still find crypto and forex trading profitable despite the shortcomings. Visit the for more information on bitcoin trading

Just like any other business venture, those who understand market conditions   are likely to generate high profit compared to new players. So, do you want to invest in crypto or forex? Here is what you need to know!

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Regulation ensures fair trade and protects traders from unfair trading activities. This protects the interest of both traders and entrepreneurs. As such, forex trading operates in a more conducive environment compared to cryptocurrency.

While crypto trading is touted as highly secure, it may be challenging to seek legal redress in case of any eventuality. Operating in an unregulated environment subjects’ user to high risk since they lack legal backing to launch a complaint.

Fair Trading

Fair trading environment ensures a level playing field for all competitors. Besides creating a healthy operational environment, a fair-trading ground guarantees fair play which enables all players to achieve their full potential in a competitive business environment. Unlike in crypto trading, it may not be easy to understand how the block chain protocols operate.


Just like operating any other business, mastery helps reduce the risk of losing your investment. Though forex trading is highly volatile, you can achieve much through prior information about the market conditions. The same applies to crypto trading. Users who use credible trading platforms access important trading information that is helpful to make informed trading decisions. For those scared of making losses, you can opt to avoid high risk trading activities by borrowing your crypto or holding to sell out when the profit shoots up.


Profitability in forex trading is determined by prevailing market conditions. Hard hit sector is forex, especially in cases where various governments inject a lot of currency in the economy which results in a sharp decline in the currency value.

On the contrary, major crypto currencies like Bitcoin have a blockchain protocol that automatically controls the number of new currencies injected into the supply chain. In that case investing in crypto is ideal since they can stand the ripple effect of inflation.


While trading forex doesn’t offer infrastructure for scalability, crypto currencies come with advanced features that make it easier to scale up for better performance. An example is Ethereum’s block chain network that provides infrastructure to develop smart contracts. In that case, investing in crypto is not only highly profitable for those who understand the ropes but can also be used to generate revenue in many ways.

Final Thoughts

Serious traders who understand forex and crypto can attest that trading crypto is highly profitable only if you master the art. While you may incur losses trading forex through inflation, trading crypto may not suffer from the effects of inflation which makes it an ideal trading option compared to forex.

Additionally, trading forex is controlled by existing government policies unlike crypto currencies which operate on a decentralized network. As such, crypto trading offers more trading opportunities that you can exploit to achieve the most out of crypto trading. If you are a fan of forex trading, it’s high time you try out trading crypto for a perfect experience.

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