Top 5 Crypto To Sell Before 2023 Begins

The experts are predicting that this is the best time to sell Cryptocurrency from your wallets. At present, there are over 19,000 digital currencies in circulation. This number has outpaced the entire number of Cryptocurrency stocks present in the US exchanges. With this huge supply of tokens, maintaining a proper track of all of the large investors. 

Apart from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ether, it is becoming hard to trace down all the large holders of other Cryptocurrencies. Last year, many new currencies emerged bringing bullish trends to the market. But, with a decline in Bitcoin by over half of its value. With this fall in Bitcoin, the situation for other new currencies is becoming tough. Before the new year starts, here’s a list of the top 5 Crypto that you need to sell for good. 

Top List Of Crypto To Sell Before The Start Of New Year

With the downfall of Bitcoin by more than half of its value, the other new currencies are facing a tough time surviving. Also, there are other coins that you need to sell before this year ends. Let’s have a close look at the top 5 coins that you need to consider selling today! 


It is the king of the Crypto world and is the largest currency in terms of market cap. It has the best storage value and so is every investor’s first choice. The value of Bitcoin has fallen by more than half of its value and it is a shock for the other new currencies. 

If you believe that the Bitcoin market is largely extending, then sell Bitcoin. Selling it will be a better option than holding it in such situations. Selling the tokens at this time may provide you with a good value for the coin.


This coin is almost in a similar price position for the last few years. There has not been a slight change in its position or any betterment in its performance. Rather than holding them in your wallets, the best option is to sell them. 

By selling them, you may still have a chance to earn a profit. And holding them in the digital wallets will be of no good use, rather than remaining in the same position for coming years as well. 


Another famous digital currency, from market cap and performance in this market as well. It holds the second position in the market among the largest Cryptocurrencies. It has many more uses and is the base of several DeFi projects. It is one of the best utility networks in the industry. 

If you are thinking that its price may go down soon, you may sell it. As the condition of Bitcoin is reviving and is dominating the market once again, selling Ether may prove you more profitable than holding it. 

Yearn Finance: 

No doubt, Yearn is a very exciting project to follow. After its release, there has been a correction of more than 50% in its value. With this, the experts are of the view that selling it sooner is the best option to opt for. 

After noticing the correction of over half of its value, selling it will be the best decision. If you do not sell this by the end of this year, maybe you will regret it later! 


Altcoins are becoming by far one of the famous categories in the Crypto industry. Investors are quite interested in this genre and increasing their investments in such Altcoins. 

Though Polkadot is a famous Altcoin, you will be in a safer position than facing loss. By selling these tokens, you will earn half of the profits and can even stop the loss that you may have later. 


With the rise of several new Crypto and amidst tough competition, selling some coins may be a better option than holding. Keeping such coins for a long period may invite losses rather than any amount of profit. And, if you are new to Crypto trading and investments then you must check the bitcoin trading platform Millions of investors around the globe trust this platform and so can you. Check out the site today and start investing in Cryptocurrencies! 

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