Trump launched the NFT collection – and sold the 45,000 items within hours

The former president’s first NFT collection features images of him as an astronaut, superhero, cowboy and more. The price per item: 99 dollars. Trump promised that all buyers would be entered into a raffle with prizes, including a private dinner with him. Despite the sharp decline in the popularity of the NFT in recent months, the collection sold out quickly

Trump NFT collection – and sold the 45,000 items within hours

Trump astronaut in space, Trump in a superhero suit with laser eyes, Trump cowboy a la John Wayne: Former US President Donald Trump last night launched with fanfare the first NFT collection on his social network, Truth Social . The items, each Of which cost $99, sold within hours.

On the website launched for the sale , the 45th president appears in a video that smells almost like a parody starring Alec Baldwin. At the beginning of the video, Trump greets viewers and introduces himself as “your favorite president of all time, better than Lincoln, better than Washington.” He urges viewers: “Christmas is coming, and it makes a great Christmas present!” And promises as usual in Trumpist language that the buyers of the NFT “will join a very exclusive community, my community, which I think is something that you are going to love and you will love it very much.”

Trump announces in the video that anyone who purchases from the collection will also be entered into a drawing for prizes that include a private dinner with him, an invitation to a cocktail party at his Mar-a-Lago resort, a one-on-one meeting or a round of golf. It also offers individual and group Zoom meetings, autographed memorabilia and “gold edition signed e-commerce cards”. Those who buy 45 digital trading cards – $4,455 before taxes and fees – are “guaranteed a ticket to attend a gala dinner with Trump in South Florida”.

A day before the launch of the NFT collection, Trump announced that an “important announcement” was expected on the Truth Social platform. Many fans and critics speculated that he was going to announce another candidate alongside him in the presidential campaign or maybe even withdraw from the race following the drop in the early polls. But now it turns out that the announcement is just a marketing exercise and the last attempt of the businessman to make money from his supporters.

Trump joins the celebration a little too late, with the NFT market suffering a dramatic drop in value: after peaking in January 2022, with sales worth $17 billion, last September it was reported that the market had shrunk by 97%. He was also preceded by his wife, Melania Trump, who at the beginning of the year put up for auction a collection based on the wide-brimmed hat she wore to the White House during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife in 2018. The collection priced at the time included the hat itself – “iconic and one-of-a-kind” – as well as a watercolor by French artist Marc-Antoine Colon, featuring Trump in the hat in question, and the NFT of the painting.

Buy Trump NEFT’s is Worth ?

The small collection was sold for about $170,000 in cryptocurrency, but the drop in value meant Trump ended up getting $80,000 less than she had hoped for. A small scandal that arose then was when the address of the crypto wallet that gave the winning bid was published. Cyber ​​researchers have used the transparency of blockchain transactions to trace where the payment came from. Analysis showed that the person behind the purchase of the NFT was Melania Trump herself. Experts estimated that this was an attempt by the former first lady to raise the price of the collection despite the little interest in it, or that in fact the buyer paid in dollars, and then it was necessary to convert them into crypto-currencies by the seller herself.

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