What Bitcoin trading terms you should know

A brief introduction to Bitcoin

The world has moved towards digitized living, and so has finance. Bitcoin, a digital currency, has taken over the digital world like never before. A truly modern concept, Bitcoin is the future. The currency works without government control, thus allowing a more accessible market for different transactions. Transactions done through Bitcoins are based on uniquely developed peer-to-peer software and cryptography. The safety of Bitcoin transactions was initially debated, but the solid blockchain base and a public ledger that contains a record of every transaction have removed every possible doubt in mind. Today, the currency is being used for huge transactions and has emerged as a hassle-free mode that also brings excellent return values to the stock market. To trade more effectively, you can visit This Link and enhance your trading skills.

The concept of bitcoin has gained popularity because of its simple agreement-based transaction. Working on the private-key method, the currency’s ownership is easy to prove, and there aren’t high chances of fraud or theft. Considering their popularity and relevance, you would not want to miss your shot to enter this crypto world. A simple understanding of a few terminologies will help you understand the world better, and you can choose what best works for your everyday financial transactions. These will help you with investing better than ever.

Terms for Bitcoin

Bull market

This term is often used to describe the market showcasing a positive turn. Every time the market increases and the prediction indicates further growth, it is referred to as a bull market. The bull market suggests the perfect time to invest. A positive market space is a perfect time to step in, especially if you are new.

Bear Market

Just as a bull market indicates positive growth, the Bear Market showcases a negative outlook. This shows a downward trend meaning you need to be alert to follow the risks when entering the market at this time.


The safety of the whole Bitcoin market is dependent on Blockchain. An utterly decentralized method of storing data, Blockchain stores every transaction made through Bitcoins. Since it is not operated/controlled by any central authority, it pushes safety to a new level. It saves the data so that even a single error will alert the whole chain.


The simplest way of understanding the term is to break it into two words- “Crypto”, which means “hidden”, and “graph”, which means “writing”. In simple terms, it means reading and understanding techniques that make your communication more private and protected. It is considered the finest way to secure information and ensures that it is accessed only by the person with the private key. By virtue of its fundamental concept, it does not allow unauthorized access.


Now that you have understood the concept of cryptography, Consensus becomes easier for you. This allows you to actively participate in determining what should be included in the Blockchain. The present market uses two most common networks-  proof-of-work and proof-of-stake.

Block reward

As the name suggests, this rewards individuals who create Blockchain and ensure secure running. The reward is given as a new cryptocurrency that incentivizes participants to keep the Blockchain active and running.


DeFi is a short form used commonly in the Bitcoin market for decentralized finance. A true challenger to the centralized and traditional finance system, DeFi is a growing ecosystem that helps the Blockchain to run a sound decentralized financial system. Serving as an amalgamation of appliances and services, the Bitcoin market mainly depends on this.


For you to step into any market, you must Do Your Research. A basic understanding of these topics can help you make an informed decision and will benefit you in the long run. Different companies and applications are offering you varied options, and it is entirely on you to do due diligence before entering or investing through any of them. A commonly used term for beginners, DYOR is the ultimate guide.

All these terms are a big part of the Bitcoin world that will help you get faster and better.    

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