What Can You Buy With Bitcoins Plus a Guide on How to Use Bitcoin

Did you know that more than 30% of businesses in the United States accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment? 

Although crypto is still gaining traction, it’s a great way to buy things and is safer than debit and credit cards. 

If you haven’t already invested, you’re probably wondering, what can you buy with Bitcoins. 

What Can You Buy With Bitcoins Plus a Guide on How to Use Bitcoin

Keep reading to learn more about what you can invest your cryptocurrency in so that you don’t miss out on services and products! 

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was established in early 2008, but it didn’t become public until 2009 from an anonymous developer. 

It was the first cryptocurrency created and has become the most popular option for investors. Bitcoin remains relevant and as more people have started investing, businesses are accepting it as a form of payment.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that holds immense value. Bitcoin uses technology and peer-to-peer networks to accept transactions and record balances.

Many people become interested in Bitcoin since it works independently from central banks. This means that you can make purchases around the globe without having to convert your US Dollars or cover exchange fees. 

Set Up Your Digital Wallet 

If you own a smartphone, you likely have access to a built-in digital wallet.

Digital wallets often come installed on Apple and Android phones. Apple Pay and Google Pay are two of the most reliable wallets to try. If you are comfortable with Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal, you can also use their digital wallet features.

A digital wallet is simply a collection of your payment options. You can upload debit and credit cards to make contactless payments. Digital wallets are also great for managing cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. 

To set up your account, you must provide contact information and create a password on your preferred platform. Create your account by following the instructions and once you’re logged in, you can upload your payment options.

The next time you want to make a purchase, you can use the info in your digital wallet. 

Invest in Bitcoins 

There are many crypto exchange sites where you can invest in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. 

Buyers and sellers connect on financial, crypto, and trading applications to exchange Bitcoin. Find a reputable and reliable exchange site where you can buy Bitcoin with the money from your debit or credit cards. 

Try to find sites that have minimal fees and plenty of security. Scams and fake websites are commonly encountered with investments. Avoid marketing promotions that offer free Bitcoin, they are often fraudulent or include hidden fees.  

Consider some of the things you want to buy with Bitcoin so you have enough currency in your account.  

What Can You Buy With Bitcoins? 

Although most of the world has some catching up to do, you’d be surprised at what you can buy with Bitcoins. 

Investors and business owners see the benefits of digital purchases, making them more accessible. These transactions come with increased security, fast speeds, and protection from inflation. Since Bitcoin runs on blockchain tech, you also don’t need to worry about exchange rates. 

Bitcoin is a valuable asset that can help you get your basic needs and even some luxuries. Below are a few examples of what you can invest in with Bitcoin! 


Microsoft, AT&T, and other tech companies are expanding their payment options to include cryptocurrency. 

If you’re a Microsoft customer, you can quickly make payments for devices and software online. Their online stores offer Bitcoin payments, however, you can’t buy the latest Xbox with cryptocurrency. Other sites, like Overstock and Newegg, offer Bitcoin payment, making it simple to invest in innovative tech. 

Those that purchase their tech on Amazon can also benefit, even though the distributor doesn’t accept Bitcoin. You can get around this obstacle by purchasing Amazon, or other retailer gift cards with cryptocurrency. 

Technology companies tend to follow the latest trends and innovations. This mindset makes it possible for people to invest in their products from around the world through a decentralized system. 


Most people are unaware, but many car dealerships will accept Bitcoin as payment for a vehicle.

Subaru, Lamborghini, and Tesla are some of the most popular dealerships that accept cryptocurrency. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, encourages customers to buy vehicles with Bitcoin since he supports digital currency. You must contact the dealership before making your purchase in case they don’t have the capabilities to accept Bitcoin.  

Paying for your vehicle using Bitcoin will work much like using your debit card. You will provide your account details to the dealership and the money will transfer out of your account. 

Watches & Jewelry 

Luxury brands and retailers are known for accepting Bitcoin to accommodate their customers.

High-end jewelers have a diverse customer base. Many investors purchase jewelry and watches, and many of those investors use Bitcoin. You can buy Pandora bracelet charms, engagement rings, and earrings with Bitcoin by pulling up your digital wallet. 

Buying these luxurious items with Bitcoin is recommended if you don’t make frequent purchases. Frequent transactions at the jeweler can exceed your BitPay card limit. Make the mo

Homes & Property 

One of the most expensive things to buy with Bitcoin is a home or property. 

You can leverage assets and transfer money to purchase a house. If you work directly with a seller, you may qualify for a mortgage to make monthly payments with Bitcoin. 

To buy a home with Bitcoin, you’ll need to find a real estate agent that specializes in cryptocurrency payments. They will navigate you through the process and find suitable options. A crypto-real estate attorney is also recommended for help with paperwork and liability. 

Bitcoin movers can transfer cryptocurrency to complete the escrow transaction. You can buy a home with Bitcoin in certain areas, but the options are increasing. 

News Subscriptions

The newspaper industry may have appeared to be dying off, but they are becoming more relevant as they go digital.

You can now purchase news media and subscriptions with Bitcoin to hear the latest buzz. If you can’t stand being the last to know about major events, cryptocurrency can connect you with information. Time Inc. and Chicago Sun-Times are a couple of news media you can buy with Bitcoin. 

Research your local news and broadcasting stations to see if they offer Bitcoin payments. Keep in mind that most subscriptions are recurring and have planned payment dates. 

Vehicle Expenses

Aside from buying a vehicle with Bitcoin, you can also cover other costs.

Vehicle down-payments, financing, and car insurance can all get covered with Bitcoin. This is a great option for some drivers but the coverage is limited. Look for an insurance platform that accepts BitPay, since it makes Bitcoin act like a debit card. 

Some auto repair shops will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Cryptocurrency can even cover your gas expenses for long commutes. 


Cruiseships, flight tickets, and hotel rooms can all get paid for with Bitcoin.

Royal Caribbean Cruises are a favorite amongst vacationers and many are shocked to discover they accept crypto. Delta Airlines will take Bitcoin and help you travel to your destination so that you can relax and unwind. You can check and Airbnb for places to stay during your trip.

Using Bitcoin on vacations is beneficial since you don’t have to worry about converting cash. If you are traveling outside of the country, for example, you can use Bitcoin wherever you go. There is a lot more flexibility with digital currency when you are on vacation. 

The best part about making purchases with Bitcoin is that you won’t have to deal with a bank freezing your card from an unexpected purchase! 


If you enjoy eating at chain restaurants, investing in Bitcoin is recommended.

Pizza places, high-end restaurants, and fast food chains have started accepting Bitcoin at the registers. You can fuel up your vehicle and stomach with contactless payments and avoid risking your account numbers. 

Gift card purchases with Bitcoin, BitPay Card, and digital wallets will help you get your food ordered within moments. If you’re unsure if a company accepts Bitcoin, you should call ahead or place your order online. 

Grocery stores typically don’t accept cryptocurrency. Whole Foods, however, is one of the leading groceries that will take your Bitcoin. 

Pay Bills

AT&T is encouraging its customers to invest in Bitcoin by accepting it for bill payments. 

You can make online payments for your phone or internet with cryptocurrency through BitPay. Sprint and Verizon don’t offer cryptocurrency payments, making this a leading company in the industry. 

Dish TV and Sling TV are other streaming platforms that accept Bitcoin. Cable and phone bills can get paid effortlessly and you’ll never have to stress about insecure transactions again. 

Event Tickets

If you enjoy going to local sporting events or the movies, Bitcoin won’t hold you back.

Many venues have started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for tickets and products. The Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks are well-known for accepting Bitcoin payments. 

AMC theaters have also invested in cryptocurrency and are encouraging their customers to do so as well. You can catch the latest game or movie without having to pull out your wallet. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing concert tickets go on sale with crypto payment options. 

The quick process of transferring Bitcoin will reserve your seat and tickets before anyone else can get them. This comes in handy for the big events that get sold out within minutes! 

How to Pay With Your Bitcoin

As a beginner, you should track your digital wallet and learn about transferring money and cryptocurrencies. 

When you go to make online purchases, you must locate the Bitcoin address for the business you are buying from. Within your wallet, you can enter the address into the designated field. Then, you’ll type in the number of Bitcoins necessary for the purchase. 

Check the information you entered to verify it for accuracy. Once everything has been reviewed you can click send and submit your transaction. 

What to Do When a Business Doesn’t Accept Bitcoin

Since only around a third of businesses accept Bitcoin, you need to have a backup plan ready.

Technology can fail but if you can locate an ATM, you can still make purchases.

If you need to withdraw fiat cash from your digital wallet, click here to find an ATM. Unfortunately, bank ATMs don’t use cryptocurrencies, which is why you’ll need a Bitcoin ATM. These ATMs are commonly found in large cities, convenience stores, and even coffee shops. 

After you locate a suitable ATM, you’ll need your account number or contact information. The ATM will verify your identity and give you access to withdrawing, depositing, and transferring funds. Whether you need to withdraw fiat cash to buy some coffee or invest in more Bitcoin, ATMs can complete your transaction. 

Maximize Your Bitcoin Bank Account 

Learning about what can you buy with Bitcoins will help you make the most of your cryptocurrency. 

When you start using Bitcoin for daily purchases and large investments, you can reduce your risk of fraud and transaction fees. Bitcoin offers fast transactions that are reliable and diverse, you can buy coffee, cars, and homes with cryptocurrency now! Don’t hesitate to contact a business and discuss payment options since Bitcoin is so versatile. 

You can buy all the items you need for your home and health with Bitcoin while earning more with each purchase. 

If you want to learn more about where to use Bitcoin and smart crypto investments, check out our site for the latest content!.

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