Architect Michael Graves died of Natural Causes Today at his Princeton, New Jersey Home

Hello Folks,….. Architect Michael Graves, a Famed postmodernist architect Michael Graves died of natural causes today at his Princeton, New Jersey home. The architect’s passing was announced by the eponymous firm that he founded in 1964. Graves was 80 years old.

“Mr. Graves was first associated with the New York Five, a group of prominent architects that achieved cultish stature by helping to redefine modernism during the 1970s. But he went on to design projects like the Portland Building in Oregon and the Humana Building in Louisville, Ky., which exemplified postmodernism and made him a celebrity.”

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Architect Michael Graves

Architect Michael Graves,

Architect Michael Graves, one of the country’s most prominent architects, has died at his home in Princeton, N.J. of natural causes, his firm, Michael Graves Architecture & Design said in statement. He was 80.

graves was born in indianpolis, indiana in 1934. received his bachelor’s degree from the university of cincinnati, before heading to harvard university where he obtained his masters degree in architecture in 1959.

In 1964, graves founded his studio michael graves architecture & design (MGA&D) which over the years has garnered clients that include fortune 100 firms, international developers, educational institutions, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.

NPR’s Neda Ulaby tells our Newscast unit that Graves “was celebrated for designing everything from grand hotels to teapots.”

Here’s how Neda describes those iconic teapots: “The Michael Graves teapot is sleek and dome-like, with a circle for a handle. Like so much of his work, it’s designed to be easy to use – and beautiful.”

Later in life, Graves designed houses for people with disabilities, including veterans. Graves became paralyzed in 2003 after a spinal cord infection and spent his final years in a wheelchair.

managing director of alessi, alberto alessi has stated of the creative:michael graves’ formal style blends influences from the european tradition, art deco, american ‘pop’, and flashes of pre-columbian culture. he has shown he can bewitch the public like only very few of the designers with whom I’ve worked.’

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