The Power of Symmetry in Interior Design Brings Balance and Harmony

What is the power of symmetry in home decor? Interior designer Raseel Gujral shares how living rooms Interior prove the power of symmetry.

Power of Symmetry.

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One of the oldest tricks in any design book,

symmetry in your living room brings in a sense of balance and harmony.

Symmetry in Interior Design.

The living room (left) is pleasing due to its symmetrical layout with the statement vase being the dividing centerpiece.

The focal point draws attention but at the same time encourages the viewer to look further.

The room (right) is alluring because of sense of balance of all elements.

Matching sofa sets, identical accent cushions, white stools in four corners balance the setting.

More about Power of Symmetry in home decor.

This basic point about symmetrical home decor give you an ideas of balance.

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