Here’s Why Your Child Should Be Wearing a Mask

Wearing masks has become second nature to most of us during the lockdown. As adults, it may have been easier to adapt to this new habit, but the same cannot be said for children. While health and safety measures are important for all, it can be challenging to get children to wear masks. Not to mention, there has been much confusion regarding safe practices for them.

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We know that the coronavirus infection can be spread by breathing in droplets if someone infected comes in close contact. Therefore, it is safe to say that mask for kids is necessary to avoid any exposure to the virus.

Understandably, a parent may want to be better informed of the situation. Let’s discuss how a mask for kids works to protect them and the reason why they are essential.

How Do Mask for Kids Work?

By now, most of us are aware of how COVID virus can spread among people. When you talk, cough or sneeze, the respiratory droplets that are produced can be carriers of the virus. Recent developments have shown that people can be infected without showing symptoms or have mild symptoms.

This means that you and your children can be at risk of being infected without realizing it. A mask for kids can block the droplets and prevent your child from being infected or passing it to other people. As a consequence, it helps in breaking the chain of community spread or, at least slow it down.

Here are some other reasons why children must follow safety measures:

  1. Increased Contact

Children are at a greater risk for infection simply because it is harder to control their movements. A child does not consciously restrict their contact with things around them. So, as a parent, you must ensure their safety with a suitable mask for kids. 

  1. Need for Physical Activity

During the lockdown, it has been challenging for children to stay indoors at all times. They need regular physical movement to keep active and stay occupied. A mask for kids can help keep them safe while doing so.

You can manage your child’s playtime outside by making sure they are around a select number of people. Remember to go for a comfortable and lightweight mask for kids so that they can wear it for longer.

  1. Hygiene Habits

Children are not the best at following instructions such as covering their mouth when coughing and sneezing. While you can set an example for them and remind them regularly, a mask for kids can be an added layer of protection.

child safety, covid virus, face mask,
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Apart from that, it is essential to teach children the importance of washing their hands properly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made standard hand-washing rules to create more awareness.

  1. Returning to School

Since the lockdown is slowly easing, children may have to return to school soon. This means they will come in contact with a number of people on a regular basis. For your peace of mind and their safety, it is important to get them the best mask for kids.

According to UNICEF guidelines, a mask for kids is not necessary for children below the age of 5. This is advised by keeping their general well-being and safety in interest. For children that young, mask for kids can lead to breathing problems, and they may not be able to communicate it well.

Although, children older than that may also need convincing to wear a mask for kids. This is why trusted brands such as Nirvana Being have made fun and designer masks for kids.  You can find a range of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars mask for kids to add a fun element which might make it easier for them to develop the habit.

When Do Children Need to Wear Masks?

Having a clear idea of when your child should wear masks can be helpful. Let’s discuss the situations when it is necessary:

  • At school or child care facility
  • If they are involved in group activities
  • Playgrounds & Parks
  • Unable to stay 6 feet away from others 
  • If they are around at-risk adults

It is important that your children understand the right way to wear masks. It should be appropriately placed over their mouth and nose, providing a snug fit. So, make sure you buy a good quality mask for kids that promises comfort and protection.

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