Read This Before You Buy Chinos This Year

From smart summer outfits to casual winter wear, chinos can effortlessly fit any equation. If you could have just one pair of pants to go with every occasion, you can buy chinos without having any second thoughts. In this article, we look at everything that you need to know before you buy chinos for men online or elsewhere.

Read This Before You Buy Chinos This Year

Chinos: A Backstory:

Made from cotton twill fabric, chinos are pants that are crafted using chino cloth. The exceptional durability and comfort offered by the chino cloth make it a suitable option to produce denim as well.

Nowadays, you can buy chinos for men online and choose from its various shapes and sizes. However, regardless of its distinctions, chinos share some common characteristics such as slanted front pockets, a flat front with no pleats, a zipper fly, belt loops, and jetted back pockets.

Just like cargos and epaulette shirts, chinos find their roots in the military. It was worn by the American troops stationed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American war. The word ‘chino’ was the Spanish translation for ‘China’, which is where the pants were manufactured. The original chinos worn by the American soldiers were Khaki coloured and made from 100% cotton twill.

Fast-forwarding to more than a hundred years, chinos are still manufactured using pure cotton twill along with a few more synthetic blends that enhance comfort and durability. The chinos available today offer better temperature control and stretch to ensure comfort and durability even after prolonged use. Moreover, modern-day iterations of chinos are available in various colours, sizes, weights, and cuts. 

A Class Apart

The unparalleled comfort and durability that chinos provide have contributed to its immense popularity. However, with such a wide variety of pants available for men, there can be instances when one is confused with the other. Here is a look at how chinos are different from other pants in the market.

Khakis: Technically, this is not a piece of apparel. However, a lot of people tend to use the terms chinos and khakis interchangeably. While khaki pants are different, they do share military roots. Khaki is the term used to describe a light tan colour. The term was coined by a British General named Sir Harry Lumsden in India in the late 1840s. According to Lumsden, the bright white uniforms worn by Indian soldiers made them an easy target for snipers. He started dying the bright pants to blend them with hot and dusty environments. Even today, khakis are regarded as a more casual and rugged choice than chinos which are more refined. The primary difference between chinos and khaki is that while chino is a cloth, khaki is used to describe a colour. Chinos are available in a variety of colours, including khaki.

Jeans:  A casual staple meets an all-rounder. The battle between chinos and jeans can make it overwhelming for some to make the right choice. The major difference between chinos and jeans is that while chinos can be used in casual and formal attire, jeans are primarily casual wear. If you buy chinos online, you can dress them perfectly with smart casual, business casual, and formal outfits with ease. This alone speaks for the immense versatility that chinos bring to the sartorial world.

Dress pants: Also known as suit pants, these are made from wool or some form of wool blend. Dress pants are a more refined pick than chinos when it comes to formal settings. Their softer fabric makes them look dressier than chinos. While you can pick both for casual business occasions, dress pants would keep you at your formal best.

Finding the Perfect Fit

While the ideal fit would depend on your personal preferences, finding the right brand would make a world of difference. Andamen is one of the foremost homegrown fashion brands in India with a refined collection of chinos. Their use of high-quality materials and attention to detail can ensure the utmost durability of your purchase.

So, buy chinos online and be at your fashion best in any scenario!.

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