What is A4 Waist Challenge? Why #A4CHALLENGE Goes Viral now a Days?

Do you have any least idea about A4 Waist Challenge? Now a days Asian people on social media are holding up A4 sheets in front of their waists. In order to try and prove that they’ve managed to accomplish being as slim as a single sheet of paper.

The knives are out for yet another weird trend -The A4 Challenge. It’s getting women to check if their waists are smaller than a vertically held A4 sheet of paper.

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A4 Waist Challenge China Goes Viral in Social Media.


Those who have one then post a selfie of being successful at the challenge, with the hashtag #A4waist. The social media campaign went viral and has garnered global ridicule and bewilderment with women lashing out at it.

Decried as another excuse for body shaming, the unrealistic trend is yet another in a long line of recent so-called waist challenges.

A4 Waist Challenge Diet is Good or Bad?

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The recent slew of such body image challenges are spreading the wrong message, warns psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty .

Social media and the fashion industry have been fueling body image disturbances and helping wallets of medical professionals through such irrational thoughts about the body.

These images are very powerful and those who are not in touch with themselves fall prey to such illusional propaganda.

This obsession also severely harms one’s food intake. Says nutritionist Dr Nupur Krishnan.

“I have met people who were eating just fruits for a week or just doing a water diet, which are very risky . Such short term weight loss can lead to severe nutritional deficiency and loss of memory . It also affects the skin and hair and gives rise to anxiety, and in some cases, anorexia.“

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So, some time we feel this type of a4 waist challenge is some how wired. But, as we know – people around the world doing funny or behave like strange. What do you think about this strange but popular waist challenge, now a days go viral on social media.