Popular Majors at La Trobe University

Founded in 1964, La Trobe University is one of Australia’s most respected universities. This outstanding university from Australia is known for its excellent teaching and research capabilities, its courses are recognized by international authoritative certification bodies, and enjoy a high reputation in the global business and education circles. In recent years, more and more students go to La Trobe University to study. However, choosing a major has always been the most tangled problem for everyone. Then the question comes, which major is the best to choose for studying abroad at La Trobe University? The following are a few popular majors at La Trobe University for your reference.

1. Nursing

In terms of nursing, the university is the most authoritative and influential university in Australia with a long history and its graduates are all over the world. La Trobe University’s nursing programs are certified by the Victorian Nurses Union, and graduates of nursing programs can obtain a first-level nurse qualification certificate.

2. Social Science

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University is divided into three major areas of study, Mass Media Communication, History, and Creative Literature. The Department of Social Sciences of the university has long-term good cooperative relations with different social research departments throughout Australia and the world, aiming to cultivate students’ critical thinking and outstanding international vision with innovative and encouraging education models.

3. Biomedical Science

In the fields of health sciences and biomedicine, La Trobe University has always been an internationally renowned research center. Graduates of this major can work in a variety of professionally-related job types in biomedical research, molecular cell biology, and biotechnology.

4. Sports Management

La Trobe University’s sports management major is part of the La Trobe School of Business, and its courses cover undergraduate and master’s degrees. According to the 2020 QS World University Rankings by Subject, it ranks among the top 38 world universities in sports-related subjects. La Trobe University works closely with top organizations in the sports industry, including Carlton football club, Melbourne Rebels, Melbourne City Football club, NFNL, Softball Australian. The school has a mentorship program with the Rebels Rgby Football Club in Melbourne.

To get more details about the courses of these majors or other majors at La Trobe University, please search via Course Finder. With this tool, you are able to find and learn the courses at La Trobe University very quickly and easily.

La Trobe University Student Employability

Studying abroad is ultimately to get a decent job, so what is the employability of La Trobe students? Is it worthwhile for so many international students to travel thousands of miles to study there? We can look at the following data.

– La Trobe University is the university with the second highest employer satisfaction in Victoria.

– La Trobe University graduates rank first in Victoria and fifth in Australia in terms of basic skills, 2 percentage points higher than the average of Australian universities.

– Graduates of the school also rank second in Victoria for adaptive skills.

– Up to 92.4% of employers believe that La Trobe University graduates have demonstrated their ability to adapt and apply independent work (higher than the average of 2.9% of Australian universities).

It can be seen that the employment prospects of La Trobe University students are still very good, especially those graduates of popular majors.

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