What are the Common Myths about Agile and Scrum Certification?

Agile and Scrum have gained massive importance in the past few years, particularly in the software industry. Almost every software engineer and project manager has begun to believe that they need Agile and Scrum Certification to succeed in the industry. Professionals are trying to use Agile methodologies to complete all projects at hand.

Teams following the full Scrum framework have 250% better product quality than teams that don’t use the framework. But the increased adoption of the Agile and Scrum methodology also leads to several misconceptions. Let’s debunk some of the common myths surrounding Agile and Scrum Certification.

1.   Everyone can become a Scrum Master

A Scrum Master needs to stay away from getting personally involved in discussions. Even when emotions are afloat during a Scrum meeting, they must focus on the end goal. Anyone with Agile and Scrum Certification can indeed become a Scrum Master.

But a lot of emotional intelligence is significant for excelling in the role. It is critical to tackling different opinions, discussions, and possibilities of the team moving away from the goal. Therefore, emotional intelligence is an important prerequisite to becoming a Scrum Master.

2.   Daily Scrum is nothing different from the Status Meeting

AnAgile and Scrum Certification will offer in-depth knowledge about the daily Scrum meeting. But one of the most absurd misconceptions about it is that the daily Scrum meeting is the same as the status meeting.

In several instances, team members provide updates about what was done yesterday and what they need to do today. Once they are done discussing the issues, team members leave thinking it has been a huge success. But a Scrum meeting is not supposed to be like that.

With Agile and Scrum Certification training, you will understand that the purpose of getting together in a meeting is to review the progress of a project. The progress will be calculated against the effort put in till the last night to reach the project’s end goal. It is about determining whether the team has been working on track toward the primary goal or has deviated from it.

After the daily Scrum meeting, the status meeting should occur. The current day’s tasks are calculated during the status meeting. Furthermore, the status check of in-flight items is also performed during this meeting.

3.   The Scrum Master has to get rid of impediments

When you undergo Agile and Scrum Certification training, you will realize that removing impediments is not the Scrum Master’s job. When a Scrum Master engages in such a task, they lose self-managing potential. The Scrum Master addresses impediments treats them, and helps remove them by the following:

  • Enabling developers to tackle an issue and fixing it by themselves
  • Supporting developers in reaching out to other team members, business stakeholders, subject matter experts, and more
  • Helping developers to remove the issue that’s obstructing the achievement of the Sprint Goal
  • Handing over the issue to a manager capable of implementing change when it’s beyond the control of the team

Thebest Agile and Scrum Certification will ensure you develop adequate knowledge to support the Scrum Team’s progress continuously.

4.   Scrum Masters are responsible for reporting

With Agile and Scrum Certification training, you will understand that the product owner is responsible for delivery. Alternatively, developers need to keep the board updated at all times. So why do people think that reporting is the Scrum Master’s duty?

It happens because teams are usually acquainted with project management policies. Some team members consider the Scrum Master an Agile Project Manager, Delivery Manager, or Iteration Manager. But the best Agile and Scrum Certificationclarifies the roles and responsibilities of the Scrum Master.

Project management reporting isn’t a Scrum Master’s responsibility. Instead, theAgile and Scrum Certification online will teach them how to report on the agile capability and maturity of the team. The Scrum Master will reduce delivery time, improve quality, and decrease costs.

Check out this video to understand the basics of Agile and Scrum Certification:

5.   Scrum Projects are faster and cheaper

Several people believe executing Scrum is as affordable as the Agile and Scrum Certification cost. Moreover, team members also believe that Scrum projects can be executed at a much greater speed.

But it’s important to know that implementing Scrum practices for the wrong project can lead to cost and schedule overrun. Moreover, you are also likely to face production bugs when the execution isn’t done the right way. The benefit of theAgile and Scrum Certification online is that professionals get in-depth knowledge about execution.

For instance, you can use the Agile and Scrum methodology for mobile app development. But there are better choices for operating system development. The Agile and Scrum Certification cost also covers teaching professionals the suitable applications of the methodology.

6.   No planning is involved in Scrum teams

In several Scrum teams, there is no existence of plans or planning. Scrum Masters often refuse to look beyond the current Sprint. Scrum teams often work aimlessly without any sense of direction.

But the Agile and Scrum Certification online will teach you the importance of planning. Planning is crucial while determining what should be performed during the Sprint. Moreover, the daily Scrum involves planning what the entire team will do for 24 hours. Planning is also important during the Sprint Review to optimize value for stakeholders.  

Final words

Since organizations are becoming more open to adopting the Scrum framework, enrolling in a course to increase your knowledge about it is prudent. Thebest Agile and Scrum Certificationensures you become familiar with all the relevant methodologies and their implementation. Once you become a Certified Scrum Master, employers will notice you more. Enrol today to accelerate your career and get multiple perks.

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