Feng Shui Hairstyles – Did you know about Feng Shui Haircut?

Are you Heard of the ‘feng shui hairstyles’? I recently surf a news around glob and suddenly, I came to know there is a headline about feng shui hairstyles for your hair cut and hair bound, when i go though those topics. There are some interesting things come to know and i put those summary for you here to increase your knowledge of feng shui hairstyles.

Feng shui hairstyles

feng shui hairstyles,

There’s a new trend catching on abroad get your tresses feng shui’d! Wearing a specific haircut and colour based on feng shui, is said to bring about success.

Basically, the ancient principles of feng shui are applied here.

According to them, all energy falls into any of the five elements -fire, earth, metal, water, or wood.

The idea is to find the right shape and color that keeps the elements in harmony and it’s believed that a wrong hairdo can actually push away an individual’s chi (personal energy).

Hollywood stars like #Jennifer Aniston, #Lady Gaga and #Charlize Theron have also reportedly tried it.

Hollywood celebrity hair stylist, Billy Yamaguchi, is reported to have said that he can identify a person’s energy and customize a haircut, hair color, and makeup to show these elements.

Each matches a specific color palette and feng shui practitioners claim that if you are able to match your hair to your own feng shui hairstyles chart, your tresses will look youthful.

Will the trend take off here too?


feng shui hairstyles,


As per reports, if you have a rectal gulag-shaped face, which is `metal on wood’, do not go for a rounded hair style.

  • If you have an oval face cut, go simple and straight and avoid a rounded hair cut.

  • If your face is square (stands for metal over earth) you can easily wear a rounded mane.

Those whose element falls under fire can go for a shorter length with layers.

  • If you wear your hair in a braid, it can leave you feeling focused and self-confident.

  • If you do a side parting or wear your hair in soft curls, it could bring about feelings of romance and light hardheartedness.


So, friends see this is some interesting things about Feng shui hairstyles.

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