Large and In-Charge: A Tour of Diesel Watch Collections

Though Diesel was originally an Italy-based Denim house, the brand boomed in the 1990s, expanding its market to hundreds worldwide and different articles of clothing. From the get-go, the brand has remained bold and punchy with its advertising and design.

This creativity has truly been a valuable asset as it evolved into producing commercial yet high-quality streetwear, footwear, and even accessories! The graphic and occasionally controversial yet progressive designs of the brand paved the way for the premium denim industry and sowed the still-standing Diesel legacy.

Large and In-Charge: A Tour of Diesel Watch Collections

Large and In-Charge: A Tour of Diesel Watch Collections –

Here is a peek into the boldness, ingenuity, and extravagance with which Diesel has approached the accessory industry and how it has remained significant despite established brands taking over said market:

The Diesel Men’s Crusher Watch

If smartwatches were told to “toughen up,” then perhaps the Diesel Men’s Crusher Watch is what they’d all turn into immediately. Unlike most smartwatches with sleek and thin displays, the Crusher has this thick frame that just screams durability. This timepiece is truly one of the most popular Diesel watches.

Additively, the round shape, unlike the smartwatch industry’s frontrunners’ designs, provides a surprisingly traditional twist to such a modern application of technology. 

In general, the Crusher pays homage to the traditional watch without sacrificing the utility provided by modern smartwatch technology. At the same time, its colorway and comparatively larger-than-standard 46mm-case make it stand out among the commercial competition and even provide more cause for those who seek bolder smartwatch options to purchase.

The Diesel On Men’s Armbar Silicone Hybrid Smartwatch

Now, smartwatches often stand out for having that far too futuristic look that just screams either “Hey, I work out!” or “Look! I have a bit more money to spend than most.” But that’s not any problem at all with the Diesel On Men’s Armbar Silicone Hybrid Smartwatch, which appears to be a standard watch but comes with all the offerings of any market-standard smartwatch.

Equipped with tracking options for exercise, goal-setting functions for a more organized schedule, and a music player among other things, the Armbar Silicone Hybrid brings the convenience offered by functions of a smartwatch but minus the need to conceal it to appear more “humble” and “down-to-earth.”

Although, that’s not necessarily a big problem now as the technology has become more and more affordable and sought after by most. However, what continually sets it apart is the Hybrid nature of this model, which makes it a rather unique buy for those seeking something new while embracing the old. And if that’s not unique enough for you, the Diesel On Men’s Armbar Silicone Hybrid Smartwatch is also a shockingly large piece with a 52-mm case, and it only comes in duo chromatic palettes, which give it a refined yet bold pop of color.

The Diesel Men’s Little Daddy

Rarely will you find a watch that seems to just establish dominance by being on your wrist, and the Diesel Men’s Little Daddy will do just that, and with relative ease – at that! Firstly, the case is a whole 21mm larger than the standard case size for men’s wristwatches, which is pegged at 40mm. This piece is 61mm in diameter and has four screw accents along with the bezel. What’s more, is that there is a smaller dial within the main dial which houses three more subdials that lend the piece that steampunk machine aesthetic.

This watch, however, isn’t your typical day-to-day watch though. It’s more suited for businessmen, investors, business tycoons, and radiates that serious “here for business” aura. 

Pieces in this design also lean more into standard metallics in color put in stark contrast with either black or white dials and decorations. Rarely can you spot designs of the Little Daddy in yellows, reds, or blues, and even more so in neons as it’s meant for the entrepreneurial type. If you just got promoted on the corporate ladder, then this watch upsize might be the perfect accessory to accompany your new office.

  1. The Limited Edition Diesel DZ7262 or “GrandDaddy”

There’s a reason this watch is called the GrandDaddy, and if you could see one, even in images, you’d instantly know why. Ranked the largest wristwatch commercially available to date, the GrandDaddy measures a whopping 73mm in diameter. Inside the GrandDaddy are 12 subdials that measure seconds in each quadrant, and a date indicator near the right quadrant. 

Other features include black leather straps fastened on both ends near the frame by bolt details and a black bezel with small linear indentations. You can also find the brand logo embossed dead center in metal and internal lighting details, all of which aid the wristwatch’s intention to “Eclipse all others.”

Honestly, this might seem a little bit too decorative and impractical for some, but it is undeniably a novelty piece for watch collectors who intend to compile some of the most eclectic yet functional watches the industry might offer. 

Size up to your expectations!

Despite showcasing how superbly large Diesel watches might be, find a timepiece that perfectly fits your overall aesthetic and preferences. Albeit amazing, the grandiose of these watches can only show if their owners are comfortable wearing them.

If you find yourself uncomfortable while wearing any of these noteworthy picks, then Diesel watches offer a variety of colors, textiles, and designs that can fit anyone’s demands. What’s more, these watches all have that quirkiness and boldness that Diesel has introduced into this accessory industry! Size up and buy a Diesel watch today!

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