Latest Pics of Rani Mukerji’s Daughter Adira with Wiki Details

Latest ‘pics’ of Rani Mukerji’s daughter Adira. The first pictures of Rani Mukerji, Aditya Chopra’s daughter Adira are out. Or so it seems after handling an Instagram to share photos purporting to be the queen of a baby girl on Sunday.

Adira Mukerji

Caption: “My greatest treasure  #AdiraMommyLovesyou

Intensely private couple together are famous for not getting clicked. We for the first time in a Befikre wrap picture to see the Queen and Aditya got together a few days ago. It was two years after their marriage.


Adira 9 December, was born last year and we are yet to see him. Uday Chopra for childbirth excited her uncle had been reported to the world via Twitter.

“I want to thank all our well-wishers and fans: an official written communication to parents in the media soon followed. Today, with Adira of God in our lives is the greatest gift. We fans for their unconditional support and blessings to thank our friends and well-wishers. With joy we start this new chapter in my life. ”

The question why someone like the Queen, who values his privacy would be sharing photos of her daughter’s sudden? While the jury is out, these are the first pics of Adira or an elaborate hoax that is still, the pictures are going viral on social media

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