Seven mistakes you should avoid after a breakup

Romantic denial is excruciating. A heartbreak is worse than physical pain as it goes on for long. Sometimes, it goes for days, weeks, or even months. A common reason why most people take time to heal completely from heartbreak is that they pander in behavior and thoughts that they feel compelled and natural, but in reality, things are worse.

There are ways we can avoid the hurt we are feeling and make it go away quickly. The following are seven mistakes anyone should avoid after breaking up with their partner by this website

mistakes avoid after breakup,

Negative self-talk. 

Rejection often makes someone reflect too hard on themselves. As a result, someone may start evaluating their shortcomings, inadequacies, and faults. It may go as far as recalling previous rejections, chastising yourself, or calling yourself names. Beware that a breakup hurts your self-esteem and ego; negative self-talk only adds to the pain.

Brooding about your faults

In the relationship you were in, you may have gone wrong. Faults need to help you learn and grow rather than harbor them and burden yourself with the pain of holding onto them. Once you know where the fault was, do not ponder them repeatedly, this will only delay your recovery emotionally and make you feel even worse. 

Idealizing the one who dumped you

When a person chooses to dump another, it’s probably because the relationship or partner did not sit well with them. If you want to get over someone, you’ll have to change your perception of that person and realistically evaluate their character defects and flaws.

Avoid new romantic opportunities. 

After a breakup, don’t be hasty to jump into the next relationship when you still have a broken heart. Chances are, you will mess up the new relationship because of unaddressed grief. Evaluate yourself and take as much or as little time you need before going back to the dating scene.

Taking a break from leisure activities

A broken heart will make you develop reluctance in the things you once loved doing. However, you should not take too long mourning over the heartbreak, rather, reengage in those activities even when you don’t feel like it. Engaging in other activities helps in distracting your attention and your hurt.

Withdrawing from those who value and love you 

After a breakup, you may feel the urge to distance yourself from the real world for some time to give yourself time to heal. However, doing so only makes you drift away even more ad before you know it, you’ll be all alone. Normalize talking to those close to you and share what you are going through rather than distancing yourself. 

Keeping painful reminders all over you

Do not keep any form of reminders anywhere near you from your past relationships. These memories may indeed be fun to look back at, but it also comes along with the heartache of losing that person. You torture yourself even more if you keep things that always remind you of your ex. 


Moving on may be challenging. Take time and accept the outcome of a breakup. The above points are some of the things to avoid to achieve a speedy heart “recovery.”

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