Skirts Are Getting Shorter And That’s Bullish For The Country Economy

Others learn a country’s economic situation, which scale can amaze you. Yes girls’ skirts and men’s underwear who can tell how much money they have.

According to the report, the skirt Hemlain index Index is a measure of the economic health of any country to learn the country’s economy at the skirts of girls takes the guess.

Skirts Are Getting Shorter And That’s Bullish For The Country Economy

According to this formula, which is as short as the skirts of girls in the country, there is only as strong as the economy.

This status is Single

According to this scale, if it is believed that the girls wear long skirts that country circumstances are not good economically. The formula is not new. In 1926 the US economist George Taylor believed the formula. The girls wore skirts to find out by looking at how much money the country.

Tells how much money the girls skirt length

This formula says that the falling market trend as well as the girls wearing short skirts is also reduced. Found that in times of recession lowered girls wearing short skirts.

Girls wear short skirts so that they can show their status.

Men’s underwear

Girls are an indicator of the situation of the skirt, while a lot of men’s underwear is predicted. The report says that less men buy underwear that gives a sign that the country’s economic situation is bad.

The man believes that he is planning for the future can avoid buying underwear. They believe that more money will have to be bought underwear.

That way if a country’s poor economic situation to buy less underwear, while the country’s strong economic position to buy more underwear shows.

Let’s show that in 2011, according to a report by the Associated Press men’s underwear sales grew 7 percent, and the economic situation of the country was also considerably stronger than ever.

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