When You Invite People to a Party, Be Prepared for Them to Show Up

We spend so much time worrying about how to attract followers and gain traffic, but are we sure that we’re ready for them? As traffic and content grow, it’s important to schedule time to check on the place you are inviting everyone to. In most cases, it’s your company website.

When You Invite People to a Party, Be Prepared for Them to Show Up

A work day can fill-up pretty quickly. Even the best time management skills get sabotaged. You attend meetings, take calls, write posts, analyze data, and try to stay on trend. Before you know it, the day is gone and it’s back to the races the next morning. In this fast paced and cluttered environment, it is too easy to make mistakes.

You know the feeling of accomplishment and renewed confidence you get when you complete a task? Imagine if immediately after you posted a super intriguing tweet or emailed a sales promo to your database, your coworker tells you that your shopping cart is broken, or your boss tells you the landing page won’t load. I feel sick to my stomach even just writing about it.

If we win the customer’s attention, we can’t afford to lose it. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way, but you do not. One simple strategy to avoid disaster is to make “stop before you send checks” part of your marketing calendars. The samples below can be translated to every type and size of business.

User Experience Review Sample for Monthly Marketing Calendar:

• Is the mobile version working and easy to navigate?
• Is the Contact Us Form and process current?
• Do all the links in the navigation and content work?
• Does each page of content provide value to the targeted reader/customer?
• Is the customer service process seamless?
• Is the brand image and personality consistent on every page?
• Will the reader know exactly who you are and what you offer at first glance?

Follow Through Checkpoint Sample for Individual Campaigns:

• Does the shopping cart work?
• Is the check out process seamless?
• Is staff ready for inquiries?
• Can the website handle anticipated traffic?
• Do the links and Urls work?
• Was necessary research performed for accuracy?
• Are any necessary fees paid? i.e. photo royalties

It is much easier to check before you send, then it is to suffer the consequences of lost efforts. No matter how good you are, it’s impossible to double check your work every time. You can reduce stress by scheduling checkpoints in advance. Don’t send out the invites until you know for sure that you are ready to host the party!

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