Dr.Fone – Virtual Location: Spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone has never been easier!

The extraordinary fortune of Pokemon Go, the iOS and Android version of the popular game for Nintendo GameBoy and later models, is to be a good idea wherever you look, and not just because it combines a franchise with hundred million copies sold to the most popular gaming platform in circulation: the smartphone.

What is surprising is that contrary to what often happens in front of a similar intuition, all the companies involved have managed to seize the ball (or pokeball) in the leap, giving shape and substance to the game that all fans dreamed of: the game of Pokemon in which, thanks to geolocation and augmented reality, you literally go hunting for the popular virtual pocket creatures around the city, leaving the house and walking everywhere will indicate the application of the records.

The controversy

It is not easy to go hunting for Pokemon if you use poorly indicated means of transport, or if you don’t pay attention to what surrounds us. The news begins to fill with news of incidents related to the Niantic application. There are several serious accidents that occured when a player was hit by a vehicle while hunting. Hunt for pokemon, anywhere and at any time many “pokemongomaniacs” would do anything to add even a single monster to their collection.

There are those who venture into the most dangerous or unthinkable places in which other players may have concentrated in the meantime in search of a gym or a pokestop, a parking place to refuel, buying the goods with pokecoins, of everything you need: the essential spheres (pokeball, megaball, ultraball) to capture pokemon; various baits, some deliciously scented, with which to attract them; a larger bag to contain them; medicaments to heal injured Pokemon (after a fight); eggs to hatch on the way.

Pokemon Go hacking

But there is another way to enjoy Pokemon Go; Pokemon Go walking hack. The working principle is to fake GPS location and simulate GPS movement so that it is as if a player is seen (by the Pokemon Go system) moving places, down the road, etc., to hunt for a pokeball. There are many methods available for Android and iPhone but not all of them are completely effective.

VPN, for example. VPN can be used for teleportation but cannot be used to simulate GPS movement. Spoofing on Android with GPS spoofing apps is also more flexible than on iPhone because there is no need to jailbreak. One of the serious problems for iPhone users is that they often have to jailbreak for iOS GPS spoofs.

Starting from the facts above, it is a must for iPhone users to use an application that is not only able to change iOS GPS and simulate GPS movement, but also does not require them to jailbreak their device. With regards to this “must”, we recommend Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)! This is the best iOS GPS Spoofing tool ever made. Not only is it capable of teleporting iOS GPS locations, this tool can also simulate iOS GPS movements in several modes. And more importantly, there’s no need to jailbreak!

Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS)

Without the need to linger here are the steps to use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS):

1. Download Dr.Fone on your Windows PC or Mac. Install and launch it.

Dr.Fone, Virtual Location, Spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone,

2. Click ‘Virtual Location’ and connect your iPhone to your computer. You will be brought to an interface:

Dr.Fone, Virtual Location, Spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone,

3. Click ‘Get Started’ and you’ll have a map as below:

Dr.Fone, Virtual Location, Spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone,

4. Now click on the third icon in the top right corner and you will enter ‘Teleport Mode’. Enter the address you are looking for in the search bar in the top left corner of the screen. Click ‘Go’. Later, a pop-up box will appear that says ‘Move Here’. Click the Move Here and your iOS GPS will move to the position you typed in earlier. In the illustration below, your fake GPS location is Rome.

Dr.Fone, Virtual Location, Spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone,

5. You can now check your GPS location changes in Pokemon Go or any other GPS based application. Faking location on iPhone is no longer something that is difficult to do.

Now what if you want to simulate fake GPS movement? Don’t worry because Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) facilitates that! On the virtual map you click the icon next to the first icon you clicked on earlier (there are three icons in the upper right corner of the screen). You will be taken to ‘One-Stop Mode’. Select the point you want to go.

Click ‘Go’. A pop-up box appears telling you how far away it is from your current position. Click ‘Move Here’. You can also select the speed in the speed settings located at the bottom of the screen. You can also set the number of times the movement you will make (from one point to another).

Dr.Fone, Virtual Location, Spoofing Pokemon Go on iPhone,

There are three modes to choose from; walking, cycling and driving. Choose what you want but make sure your movements look natural.


Dr.Fone – Virtual Location is the best GPS spoofing solution for iOS because it provides ease of use and does not require jailbreak. It does not require the slightest IT expertise to cheat the Pokemon Go system. Now you can hunt pokemons without having to really move!

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