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Exams are coming up and you are worrying about your children busy with their mobile phones all day. Your child has recently started high school and you are not happy with the new friends he is hanging out with. You have shifted to an entirely new place and adjusting there puts your children at a risk of lack of attention. You are a parent with a child who has special needs due to their physical or mental illness. If you are a parent with any similar concerns then think no more and get the FamiSafe parental control app now.

Most Useful parent control app

This app is not only your private investigator but also a bodyguard and a full time personal manager too. It has all the necessary tracking, managing and operating features you will need to discipline or safeguard your child. This app can help you and your whole family to not only stays connected but will also help them learn and adopt more sound digital habits by reducing their screen time. It will also manage their content for them and keep them aware of any online dangers. Let’s discuss these features in more detail as follow,

Tracking controls

The most basic feature of the app is its powerful location tracker. The location tracker can track the location of any person whose device has the app in it and it has a connection. It tracks the location precisely and gives you all the necessary information about the locale and even the remaining battery of your child’s device. 

Real-time location tracking

There is a feature with real-time location tracking which helps you to check in with any of your family members at any time. You can just ask them to give permission to share their location and the app will show you exactly where they are at the exact same time. It helps you avoid any unnecessary problems if you get lost or have forgotten your way.


Geo fencing is a brilliant feature. Thanks to geo-fencing you can add safe places, mark the particular zones and add fences on the map. It is an advance tracking option which informs you about your children being at any place they should be avoiding.  It will send you immediate alerts if your child leaves the fence. It will also send a notification if your child is at a safe zone and gives you a report on their stay time at the safe zone.

Management controls

The app has some exciting management controls which are like no other tracking app out there. You can track the screen time, set schedules, add app alerts, make black and white lists and do much more then simply tracking your child.


Scheduling helps you with making your children complete the menial tasks of every single day. You can lock your child out of their phone or tablet and allow them to win a reward screen time by completing their work. After they have completed their tasks you can award them with screen time. This develops a better relationship between parent and child.

App control

You can control the apps your child can use and for how long they will use it. You can get a daily report for the usage of any app you want. This way you can see which apps your kid is using the most through out the day. You can also check the history of any recent downloads and app deletions.

Damage control

You can also control the browsing in your kid’s device. You can blacklist the webpages with any irrelevant content and get notifications if the same webpage will be opened by your child. You can allow the webpage adding them to a white list and monitor the browsing history.

Device activity

You can also manage your kid’s device activity by setting alerts for any unwanted or prank texts and calls. You add alerts on their social media apps to check for any inconvenience such as cyber bullying or sexually inappropriate behavior.

Configuration and downloading

You can download the app from any of the resource links in the description. Install the app and buy the plan of your choice to start using the premium features.


The app follows very basic and straightforward pricing criteria. It comes with three offers:

  • 9.99$ per month
  • 6.99$ per month (3 months advance subscription)
  • 4.99$ per month (Yearly advance subscription)

Choose the one that suits your needs and get the app up and running.


If you are a smart parent who understands the modern world with the rule of technology you will keep up by staying a step ahead of time. Get this app to help you become a better parent who can not only protect but also manage their kids and family.

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