Question On Educational System Bihar Topper Scam Victim Ruby Rai

Recently News came from the Bihar Topper Scam, About Ruby Rai. Who is Ruby Rai and why Bihar police looking for her?. Because some day before Ruby rai get their result of Art stream examination.

This Boar Exam result show that Ruby Rai got 444 out of 500 marks. But when media questioned here about re examination, she fail to explain it. And this is the first point of doubt strat in Bihar Topper Scam.

Bihar Topper Scam and Arrest of Ruby Rai

Bihar Topper Scam,

What is Bihar Topper Scam in Intermediate Exam

Student use fake candidate, who appear in exam instead of actual student. Also, bribe the examiner and paper checkers to score high marks.

” Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Bihar police probing into the Bihar toppers scam has arrested Rubi Rai when she finally appeared for a re-test at BSEB office,” a police official said.

What Ruby Rai Say in TV interview

Ruby’s comments during a TV interview after she was declared the topper in Humanities stream this year had led to the lid being taken off from the toppers scam in the state.

She had pronounced Political Science which was one of her subjects as ‘Prodikal science’ which according to her taught cooking.

Science topper Saurbabh Shrestha, third topper Rahul Kumar and Vishun Roy college Principal Bachha Rai’s daughter Shalini Rai are the other three against whom the arrest warrant was issued.

The V.R. college director-cum-principal Bachcha Rai was arrested early this month and was lodged in Beur jail in Patna.

The former board chairman Lalkeshwar Prasad and his wife, and former Janata Dal-United (JD-U) MLA Usha Sinha were also arrested in connection with the scam.

Finally the question is still remain after this bihar topper scam come in media.
  • Should we still bilive about out education systems?
  • Have this bihar topper students list really fair till date?
  • How to stop this kind of Incedences in Education Systems?

Have a thoughts or feeling to express on this subect, Please don’t hold your voice. Be open out and express your self.

After all Like Bihar Topper Scam, many hard working students and real talents suffer from it. What do you say?.

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