Facebook Safety Check Feature: People Mark himself Safe

Facebook Safety Check Feature – Recently Many People Mark himself Safe after Brussels Explosion. The purpose of the tool is to allow users to tell their ‘friends’ that they are safe in the event of an incident in their area.

A user’s location is guessed by the social media platform – and this user can then mark themselves safe, an action which can appear as a public post for their friends.

Facebook Safety Check Feature,

Facebook Safety Check Feature

“Quickly find and connect with friends in the area.” The message that shows up for users says. “Mark them safe if you know they’re OK.”

The safety feature was first turn on last November. After the Paris shootings but has also been use in the wake of similar incidents.

With phone networks down across Belgium, social media users urged Facebook to turn the feature on to facilitate communication.

When Facebook FB, -0.54% activates the tool during a crisis. And users are in the affective area. Those users get a Facebook notification asking if they’re OK, according to the company.

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Users can select “I’m Safe” and that generates an entry in their Facebook feed, and friends also can mark people as safe.

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