Indian Gay Couple Photo Shoot in Support UrbanClap LGBT Campaign

Indian Gay Couple Photo shoot in Support of UrbanClap’s LGBT Campaign, Celebration of Same Gender Love. As part of a new campaign to promote the right to love, a Indian gay couple decided to celebrate their relationship in a unique and candid photo shoot.

As we all know, homosexuality remains illegal in India under a controversial colonial-era law. UrbanClap Co-founder Abhiraj Bhal said, “We at UrbanClap are a simple bunch of people. We believe that everyone should have the right to love whoever they want to as it’s the most basic human right.”

Indian Gay Couple Photo Shoot in Support LGBT


Bengaluru couple Vaibhav Dalal and Sukanth met on a social networking site, and have been together for five years.

They have both come out to their friends and family, and say they have a “great support structure”. The two saw the gay couple photo shoot as a fun opportunity to celebrate their relationship.

indian gay couple photo shoot,

Yet, same-sex relationships remain socially taboo for many, and Dalal and Sukanth were also the only couple in the campaign who chose to display their photographs publicly.

indian same gender couple Vaibhav Dalal and Sukanth from bangluru

The photographs were shot by Bengaluru-based photographer Anubhab Ray in a gulf park in a city.


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