IRCTC New Rule For Online Ticket Booking! How many Ticket Booked?

Hello Folks,… Did you know – How many ticket book with IRCTC online?  Today, Railway Ministry on 28 Jan 2016, with IRCTC New Rule For Online Ticket Booking, announced. A new rule for booking of online tickets through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC ) website.

With new ticket booking rule, Reducing the maximum number of ticket bookings allowed by an individual user to 6 from the current 10. The new rule is to further prevent any possible misuse by touts, the ministry said.

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IRCTC New Rule For Online Ticket Booking

  • The existing rule of getting to book 2 Tatkal tickets, between 10AM and 12PM in a day,
  • Also, 2 advance reservation period (ARP) tickets between 8AM-10AM in a day will be stayed.

But now from the 15th February 2016 onwards – Only 6 Railway passengers E-tickets or I-tickets will booked from IRCTC online reservation facility by Indian Railways.

The Ministry said that this step was taken after it noticed that 90% of users were booking upto 6 tickets every month, while only 10% were booking more than 6 tickets, and which the Ministry also suspects as touts. It feels that the new rule as such will discourage touts from hogging tickets.

Readers would note that in March last year, IRCTC implemented a new rule, allowing only one ticket booking per user in one login session between 8AM and 12PM. It said that; this move would help reduce the number of transactions made by the agents and like, as they would need to login after each transaction.

Additionally, in April, it also introduced 9 more rules including disabling the quick book option, disallowing ticket agents to book from 8AM to 8:30AM, among other hours for tatkal, no mobile wallet or cash cards payment from 8AM to 12PM etc.

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So, Wingers – kindly update your ticket booking schedules and plan your traveling accordingly IRCTC New Rule For Online Ticket Booking. Because this will suffer some jenuen or actually needee peoples also. Stay tune for further information or update from Indian railway ministry’s online ticket booking systems.

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