3 People Died After A Landslide Mumbai-Pune Expressway News

Hello Folks,…NAVI MUMBAI Maharashtra : 3 persons were Died and two others got injured in the major landslide near Adoshi tunnel wherein the boulders fell on three cars while entering the tunnel.

3 People Died After A Landslide Mumbai-Pune Expressway News.

A major landslide occurred near Adoshi tunnel some 30 kms from Panvel on the Pune-Mumbai expressway in Sunday around 12.15pm, causing traffic congestion as both the carriageways were blocked due to the rubble and boulders.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway News,

Ambulance : Mumbai-Pune Expressway News

An ambulance was rushed to the spot and both lanes of the busy expressway was immediately closed for traffic.  The Highway Police have appealed to motorists to use the old Mumbai-Pune road.

Hospital : Mumbai-Pune Expressway News

The injured have been admitted to a hospital in Lonavla.

Traffic: Mumbai-Pune Expressway News

By around 1.30pm, the vehicular traffic towards Pune resumed to normalcy, albeit at a slow pace, but the Mumbai lane continued to remain blocked as the rescue operation is in progress. For the time being, the traffic towards Pune has been diverted along the Old Mumbai-Pune highway.

Build: Mumbai-Pune Expressway News,

a nearly 100-km-long, six-lane road, was built in 2002. It usually sees high traffic over the weekend, with people travelling from Mumbai to Pune and vice-versa.

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