Google come with Another Social Media App Called ‘Shoelace’ 

Shoelace is Google’s new app which has been developed by a small team in Area 120, aimed to get people with similar interests together to participate in a group activity. But let’s be clear about one thing, this is not the next Google+ from the search giant.

Shoelace Social Media App

In fact, the name shoelace is inspired by the thought of tying different people with the same interests who are then involved in activities called loops.

As of now, this app is only available in New York city, for some handful individuals to try out. Having said that, you can also sign up on their email list for now and maybe you would get an invite code to test out this upcoming app from Google.

What the platform is trying to achieve is nothing new. We’ve seen this feature on Facebook where you can create an event or you can mark yourself as interested, going or not going which can then also be seen by other friends of yours.

The only difference which can be seen by the user is, they’ll be asked to join a community that requires verification, as said on their website.

Google ensures that everything in Shoelace from profiles to activities is done as per the community standards and house rules, which we assume will be seen in the app as well.

Google has a long history of attempts on creating social network apps ( remember Allo?), Google’s new direction is refreshing but not original for now. We will wait to see what the future holds for Shoelace and whether it’s made available in Android-friendly markets like India.

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