What is Zika Virus ? How Zika Virus Spread?

Hello Folks,…. Did you know What is Zika virus? Because nowadays this Zika Virus is became a hot topic on all the all news channels. And also dangerious virus after Ebola. Here today, we clear our mind about What is the Zika virus? And what type of this Virus?

The Zika virus is a mosquito-transmitted infection related to dengue, yellow fever and West Nile virus. Although it was discovered in the Zika forest in Uganda in 1947 and is common in Africa and Asia, it did not begin spreading widely in the Western Hemisphere until last May, when an outbreak occurred in Brazil.

What is the Zika virus?

Until now, almost no one on this side of the world had been infected. Few of us have immune defenses against the virus, so it is spreading rapidly.

Millions of people in tropical regions of the Americas may now have been infected.

Zika_EM, what is zika virus, zika virus image,

This is a transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of Zika virus, which is a member of the family Flaviviridae. Virus particles are 40 nm in diameter, with an outer envelope, and an inner dense core.

Yet for most, the infection causes no symptoms and leads to no lasting harm. Scientific concern is focused on women who become infected while pregnant and those who develop a temporary form of paralysis after exposure to the Zika virus.

So, friends this sort information will clear your question – What is Zika Virus?. But the main thing is that,

  • Where is the Zika Virus?

  • How to prevent form Zika Virus?

  • How to save yourself from Zika Virus?

  • What is a cure of zika virus infection?

  • How Zika Virus Spread?

  • How much time zika virus stay in human body?

  • What is Zika virus for kids?

These are common questions arise in my mind after knowing about what is zika virus. And as with you, i hope. But here i can’t know about these zika virus, But stay tune for future post from us on this zika virus subject.

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