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Slick Black Metal Forms The ‘OZZ’ Lamp Collection

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Actually, this lite black metal forms the ‘OZZ’ lamp collection creating by Paolo Cappello & Simone Sabatti for Miniforms. Lights and lamps can absolutely change the space and make it cozier, cooler and more eye-catching. Following the success of the first ‘OZZ’ lamp designed by Paolo Cappello with Simone Sabatti, Miniforms unveils two new additions to the lighting collection. The family of lamps now comprises the ‘big ozz’ and ‘ozz wall’, which both continue the slimline elegance of the original design. 

The OZZ – Designer Black Metal Lamp

Going for hidden lights is a great idea that can turn your space into a super modern space, just make sure that there’s enough light not to make the area gloomy. Pendant lights and even statement chandeliers is the most popular option, being modern, they can have touches of glam, industrial or any other style to fit the space.

lamp, ozz lamp, lighting fixture, creative lamp,

The concept behind the first ozz was to design an intimate light that’s also a place to hold a glass, a book, or other little trinkets. A slender black metal structure curves on either end into a lampshade and a small tray in ash wood.

Modern Lamp Design Project info:

lamp, ozz lamp, lighting fixture, creative lamp,

When ozz is switched off, it serves as a small coffee table. When the lamp is on, it creates a warm, welcoming space. The piece is available in two sizes: smaller as a bedside table and bigger to fit next to a sofa.

lamp, ozz lamp, lighting fixture, creative lamp,

For big ozz, paolo cappello and simone sabatti supersized the original design to create an eye-catching feature for home interiors. Big ozz has a thin arc, of less than 2 cm diameter, that curves dramatically. To support this huge curve, the lamp has a 40 kg concrete base. Together, the heavy stone and slim black metal establish a perfect harmony.  

lamp, ozz lamp, lighting fixture, creative lamp,

Creative Lighting Fixture “OZZ LAMP”

For the final lighting fixture, the designers have taken ozz and mounted it onto a wall. The arc becomes shorter, and it rotates with just one hand. The lampshade is adjustable too, for exploiting the light even in the darkest study. Ozz wall also makes the perfect companion for dining tables.

lamp, ozz lamp, lighting fixture, creative lamp,

The goal was to design a product where two different functionalities could coexist in a unique shape, explain the designers. ‘imagine ozz as your new buddy, something you could always rely on.

The illumination towards the wood surface is here to support our needs: a pair of reading glasses, a book, a drink, everything that has a meaning for us.

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