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Fiber Optic lighting Systems Home for Interior Lighting By StarryLite

Fiber optic lighting systems products: Fiber Optic lighting Systems is became a Treads in Interior and Exterior Lighting Design. Fiber Optic is more flexible. Also, It have a lots of option in creating different kind of lighting concepts. With Fiber Optic lighting Systems, You may create beautiful interior lighting systems and architectural lighting effects. Here, we received some ideas of Fiber Optic Lighting from the StarryLite Lighting. So, Who is StarryLight? Starrylight is one of the fiber optic lighting provider with different kind of options.

Fiber Optic lighting Systems By StarryLite

We can use fiber optic lighting systems home with solar systems. That type of fiber optic lighting systems products are available in market easily. There are diffrent kind of applications of fiber optic pool lighting systems with fiber optic outdoor lighting systems.

Types of Fiber Optic Lighting Systems:

  • Fiber optic interior lighting systems.
  • Unison fiber optic lighting systems.
  • Fiberstars fiber optic lighting systems.
  • Hybrid fiber optic lighting system.
  • Fiber optic natural lighting systems.
  • Swimming pool fiber optic lighting systems.
  • Residential fiber optic lighting system.
  • Starscape fiber optic star lighting systems.
  • Star destroyer with fiber optic lighting system.

At “StarryLite Lighting Pvt Ltd” undertake Fiber Optic lighting Systems. That are one of the most exciting architectural lighting effects. StarryLite provide galaxy ceiling applications, for both professional and consumer markets.

Fiber Optic lighting Systems Concept:

Starry Ceiling is actually a new idea to make a stunning effect. all along with blinking and color changing stars effect in the ceiling. A Fiber optic starry effect is a new concept to create a galaxy effect.

With using a twinkling and color changing stars in the Ceiling. Flooring and Swimming pool recreating it with a starry effect.

Fiber Optic Lighting Process:

Design starry galaxy by fiber optics developed through optical cables. This simple, easy to install system uses a fiber optic LED or Halogen illuminater. That are act as a light source with clear acrylic fibers. This is install through special per-drilled acrylic panels. Or drill through any existing ceiling or wall.

A galaxy of stars is created with fiber optic cable optional twinkling effect and color changing effect is created by adding a twinkle wheel or color wheel. The effect is created by fiber optic cable length, varying the amount each fiber extends out of the panel or calling.

Fiber Optic Lighting Application

For Starry in Ceiling:

  • Restaurants, Receptions, Spa Therapy Room, Party Room, Entryways, Gazebo, Exhibit projects, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Entertainment Rooms, Home Theaters, Play room, den.

For Starry in flooring:

  • Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Restaurants, Hallways, Entryways, Home Theaters, Party Room, Outdoor pathway.

Fiber Optic in Table:

Spot Lights Using by Fiber Optics.

Fiber Optic Lighting in Flooring.

Create Light Bar Using Fiber Optics.

Swimming Pool Lighting With Fiber Optics.

Swimming pool fiber optic lighting systems:

Options of Fiber Optics Starry in Pool.

Fiber Optics Starry in External Flooring.

Fiber Optics Starry in Falls Ceiling Decoration.

Image By : StarryLight Lighting Pvt Ltd.


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