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White Cement as a Wall Primer: Pros, Cons, and How to Use

White cement has emerged as a game-changer in the construction industry, offering innovative solutions that enhance the durability and aesthetics of our homes. Birla White, with its White Cement Advantage, has played a pivotal role in this revolution. In this article, we’ll explore two of their exceptional products, PrimaCoat Primer and Extocare Primer, designed to elevate the performance of wall primers.

Birla White Ka White Cement Advantage

Birla White’s commitment to elevating every Indian home has led to a groundbreaking transformation in the construction sector. White cement-based, with its exceptional versatility, seamlessly integrates with various products, enhancing every aspect of home construction, from the foundation to the finishing touches.

About PrimaCoat Primer

PrimaCoat Primer, a white cement-based liquid primer, represents the culmination of advanced technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. It offers several distinct advantages that make it an excellent choice for interior wall priming.

  • Superior Whiteness: PrimaCoat Primer is known for its extraordinary whiteness, ensuring a smooth and flawless base for your paint.
  • Advanced Adhesion: The primer’s white cement based composition provides superior adhesion, ensuring that your paint adheres firmly to the wall, resulting in a longer-lasting finish.
  • Higher Coverage: PrimaCoat Primer boasts higher coverage than many acrylic interior wall primers, meaning you get more value for your investment.
  • Exceptional Reflective Index (RI): The inclusion of white cement and TiO2 as pigments in PrimaCoat Primer results in an outstanding Reflective Index (RI). This high RI provides unmatched opacity, ensuring that the primer effectively conceals imperfections and brings out the vibrancy of your paint color.

About Extocare Primer

Extocare Primer, another remarkable product from Birla White, is an exterior wall primer that leverages the power of white cement and polymer modifications. This exterior primer offers several compelling benefits that set it apart from conventional acrylic wall primers.

  • Exceptional Adhesion: Extocare Primer delivers a 7x increase in adhesion compared to typical acrylic wall primers. This means it provides a strong and durable bond between the wall and the topcoat, preventing peeling and ensuring long-lasting protection.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: In addition to its enhanced adhesion, Extocare Primer offers long-lasting protection against external elements, preserving the integrity of your walls for years to come.
  • Unparalleled Opacity and Whiteness: Extocare Primer’s unique formulation results in exceptional opacity and whiteness. This not only enhances the vibrancy of your paint but also ensures that the true essence of your chosen paint color shines through.

Pros and Cons of White Cement Based Primers


  • Superior fineness for a smooth surface.
  • Advanced adhesion for long-lasting results.
  • Higher coverage, maximizing your investment.
  • Exceptional opacity and whiteness for vibrant paint colors.
  • Exceptional adhesion, long-lasting protection, and enhanced opacity in the case of exterior priming.

How to Use White Cement Primers

Using white cement-based primers like PrimaCoat and Extocare is straightforward:

  • Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust or contaminants.
  • Primer Application: Apply the primer evenly using a brush or roller. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying time between coats.
  • Topcoat Application: Once the primer is dry, apply your chosen paint topcoat for a professional and long-lasting finish.

In conclusion, Birla White’s White Cement Advantage, as demonstrated by PrimaCoat and Extocare Primers, offers a range of benefits for interior and exterior wall priming. These products provide superior fineness, adhesion, coverage, and opacity, ensuring a flawless finish that lasts for years. While they may come at a slightly higher cost, the advantages they bring to your construction project make them a wise investment for homeowners and professionals alike.

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