2022 Newor Media Review: An AdSense Alternative To Boost Website Earnings?

Digital advertising is a competitive landscape for publishers. Although ads are increasing in usage and popularity, access to premium rates and campaigns only becomes more challenging. As a result, publishers are left with unscalable earnings if they don’t have the right tools.

So how does one take a more significant cut of the digital ad spend pie?

Premium partnerships. Despite ad monetization beginning as a simple sell-and-buy transaction, today, publishers need a lot more than that from their partners. For example, AdSense may be the titan in the industry, but its lack of services leaves a lot of money on the table for publishers. As a result, new platforms are growing in popularity — with the promise of delivering better profits. Today, we’ll dive into one of those platforms.

Newor Media Review,

Newor Media VS AdSense

Newor Media is a full-service ad management platform with a header bidding solution. Although it works similarly to AdSense, there are some notable differences.


The AdSense process involves taking publisher ad units to auction off to their network of advertisers. They rely on programmatic bidding, allowing auctions to occur in real-time. Then, AdSense determines the winning ads and subsequent profit, with regard to its ad rank system. The result? The bid chosen isn’t always the highest; this can leave some publishers feeling short-changed.

While Newor Media also offers programmatic bidding, it holds fair auctions by being demand-agnostic. Simply put: the highest bids are always selected, providing publishers with their earned profit. Newor Media also pulls from various network pools as part of their header bidding solution, rather than one. When demand and rates are driven by competition, publishers see more money.

Optimized ad experience

  • Ad layout optimization: Different than other platforms, Newor Media uses a combination of manual adjustments and machine learning when offering ad layout optimization to their publishers. They provide personalized layouts that appeal to audience behaviors rather than the standard recommendations provided by other brands relying solely on AI.
  • Ad-block revenue recovery: Did you know using adblocking can hurt your ad unit value and overall earnings? Surprising, seeing as most web users have adblocking in use. Platforms like AdSense do allow publishers to use AdBlock Plus for a fee, but then prevents high-performing animation and video ads. Newor’s solution is offering a free ad block that still allows publishers to filter what ads are shown. This way, publishers can still utilize high-paying ad types like animation, while limiting any revenue loss.
  • Ad techniques to boost earnings: Newor Media supports a variety of ad techniques, along with ad types, of which to take advantage. One such technique is lazy loading — which helps with website speed by only rendering an ad once it’s in a user’s view. Another implementation technique is called ad refresh. This is an efficient way to grow earnings, though can result in a ban if using it under some platforms like AdSense. Ad refresh is a desirable way of increasing impressions by providing more ads on a page registering high session times.

Is Newor Media worth it?

From providing ad solutions for earning maximization to driving competition, Newor Media is a header bidding provider that offers an easy and effective experience. Free to use like AdSense, Newor Media performs better in scaling and therefore serves as a more profitable alternative. Additionally, all publishers with Newor Media get access to Google Ad Exchange via their MCM channel. The average publisher may find Google Ad exchange to be very restrictive to join without assistance, as they run premium campaigns.

Newor requires no exclusivity, and publishers can continue working with any preferred ad networks (yes, even AdSense!). 

Newor Media onboarding

Publishers accepted by Newor experience a straightforward, streamlined process. They receive an insertion order, sent by Newor, which is not a contract. Instead, the document summarizes the terms of the partnership. After signing, you’ll be contacted by a dedicated account representative to talk about your ads. You’ll benefit from receiving immediate recommendations on everything from ad layouts and placements optimized for your website.

Leave it to your representative to create agreed-upon ad units; they’ll send them along with implementation instructions. Of course, tools like WordPress plugins should make this process easy, but you’ll always have a rep on standby to assist  — this includes assessing and testing ad units when you go live.

Newor Media Requirements

Small publishers can rest assured as Newor Media has few requirements to join, making it easier to start the process.

To start, borderline problematic content can not be the focus of your site. They don’t pair with content relating to drugs, gambling, guns, or sex. When engaging with a premium variety of agencies and ad networks, there is a high focus on quality.

As advertisers are paying to be seen, it’s no surprise that traffic requirements are a big factor in ad monetization. Newor requires only a minimum of 30,000 unique monthly users. They also require the majority of traffic to be from English-speaking users, which is most desirable to potential advertisers.

The final requirement is managing two ad units on your site. For anyone seriously looking to increase their ad revenue, this won’t be a problem!

Newor Media vs. other alternatives

Newor Media vs. Ezoic

Another common alternative to AdSense, Ezoic also utilizes AI header bidding in order to scale web earnings. Both do offer revenue-generating solutions along with full-service ad management.

What’s the difference, then?

While Ezoic takes non-English websites with traffic not located predominantly in the US, Newor Media only takes websites with predominant US traffic, mainly written in English. Newor media is free and non-exclusive, while Ezoic requires exclusive contracts and has service fees. It’s a common experience that Ezoic’s ads create slow page load times.

*The Verdict: Both platforms provide header bidding & solutions for ad optimization. Publishers within the US, whose sites are primarily in English, will have the benefit of faster page speeds and greater demand from Newor’s partner network. Publishers existing outside this criteria would benefit from Ezoic.

Newor Media vs Adthrive

Adthrive is a dependable, well-used ad network. Working with lifestyle bloggers, Adthrive creates collaborative monetization strategies with high payouts. Both Adthrive and Newor Media offer ad layout optimization, header bidding, and solutions that generate revenue.

Any significant differences?

These mainly come down to partnerships & requirements. Adthrive requires 100,000 monthly page views to join (compare that to Newor’s 30,000). This can be an immediate challenge for small to mid-level publishers. Adthrive also works specifically in the lifestyle sector. Newor, on the other hand, works with various advertisers in niches ranging from finance to education.

Verdict: Large volume sites dedicated to lifestyle content will benefit from the quality and relevancy of ads working with Adthrive. For small to medium publishers outside that niche, greater earnings can be found with Newor Media.

Is Newor Media a credible platform?

New ad networks and platforms pop up daily, leaving the market oversaturated with often fraudulent networks that hide from payouts. More than ever, it’s crucial for publishers to know they’re working alongside an authentic, credible partner.

Newor Media is an award-winning, Google-certified ad management platform. Reviews and case studies deem it more than credible  — it’s high-quality, and its popularity is ever-growing.


Publishers looking to boost website earnings need more than a simple network like AdSense. Newor Media can work alongside other networks or independently to boost earnings — either way it’s a great tool to consider.

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