Top 10 Simple Tips To Improve SEO Of Your Site

Are you sick form low traffic on your website and you think you done everything right, so it’s time to improve  SEO  of your site  and boost your blog with huge search traffic.

Search traffic is very important for each and every site but due to insufficient  knowledge of SEO  a website is unable to reach to valuable visitors. So for improving the search engine ranking and increasing Search traffic we are going to introduce you with :-

Top 10 Simple Tips To Improve SEO Of Your Site.

Top 10 Simple Tips To Improve SEO Of Your Site –

1. Conduct A Full Site Audit To Determine Issues:

Sometimes it is hard to find the error by manual analysis so I am suggesting you to go for some free online site audit tool and find errors where you made mistakes.

If you try to Google it for free Site Audit Tool, you will find too many results, but which one is best for you? I find some tools which are my favorite and hope these will also helpful for you.

Now you have found mistakes you made, solve them.

2. Give First Priority To Readers Instead Of Search Engine:

Have you always think about traffic from search engines and just write content for search engine, wait for minutes and think twice what happen if visitors leave your site just in 3/4 seconds, Increase bounce rate in turn search results will soon penalize your blog.

You should give first priority to your readers and believe me search engines will automatically start noticing you.

3. Improve On Page Contents:

First impression is last impression, have your blog too many ads, pop ups and irrelevant content, they will greatly influence your site loading time and in turn search engine will soon penalize your site.

First select a good theme (Yes premium theme will give best results), use only necessary plugin, wisely categorized all sections, easy to navigate design.

Check your blog load time. The load time of blog is a big factor in the overall SEO of your blog it should be as low as possible.

4. Avoid Low Quality Links:

Do you fulfill above three points? It’s time to make valuable links, but keep “Focus on Quality instead of Quantity”. Don’t put your blog link everywhere to create lots of links, it will harm your blog ranking.

Build links from high PR blog under your niche and from blog communities.

How to make quality backlinks:

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest Post
  • Social bookmarking

Register in top forums and sites like,, and create your profile and smartly put your blog URL in your profile

5. Keyword Research:

Keyword research is one of the most valuable part of search engine ranking. If you are writing a well explained content and not doing the keyword research, then your article after indexing in search engine unable to get the traffic. Because the keyword research  matters, for what the readers searching for in google or other search engines.

For doing the keyword research Google Adword keyword tool is available and if you want to learn the keyword research in the depth, then go through this article “Keyword Research for Beginners Using Google Keyword Tool“

6. URL Should Contain Keyword And Proper Structure:

The blog post URL should be SEO friendly and it should contain the keyword that you have focused in your whole article. URL should not have date, unnecessary numbers and underscores (_).

7. Remove Duplicate Content:

Ranking of a site may suffer due to duplicate content also. So, don’t copy the content as it is given on another website just do some research and write it in your own way which helps in users to understand very easily.

If your content is stolen by any other blogger or website owner then you can fire a removal request using DMCA.

8Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media:

If content is King, so Sharing is Queen. Suppose you have produced a quality content and did everything right and after publishing sit back for traffic, hope you will get some visitors from search engines, but its totally wrong strategy your article will be just garbage until you not promote it among valuable peoples who actually looking for that.

 Give your 20% for content writing and 80% to content marketing.  Reddit, Stumbleupon, scoopit, Triberr, Twitter and Facebook are awesome places to market your content.

Encourage people to share your content, Just Retweet Easy Retweet is some awesome service.

9. Setting Up Google Authorship:

Have you set up google authorship for your website? If not, just go and set up your authorship. Google authorship is just a byline and image of author in search results with the article.

Google Authorship is the simple way to link your content to your Google plus profile in search result.

10. Write Write Write:

Final words and most important is don’t lose hope, in blogging you can’t success in one night and there is no place where you just put your link and get tons of traffic. Be patient, write consistently and produce quality content.

Thanks for taking your time to read my article, i hope you will implement these top 10 simple tips to improve SEO of your site.

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