Which Twitter Automation Tools that You Must Use For Traffic In Blogging

Social media marketing, however easy it might sound, is not everyone’s cup of tea and consumes a lot of time. Handling your Twitter account on a daily basis along with other important tasks can be a daunting thing.

Which Twitter Automation Tools that You Must Use For Traffic In Blogging

Doing other things that are a part of your job are way totally different from handling Twitter. In such a case, when you have to manage a lot of things, having right Twitter automation tools can help you a lot and aid in keeping your Twitter account open, active and responsive with minimum efforts.

There are a lot of Twitter automation tools available which can help you keep a track on social media marketing, especially for Twitter, where being consistently active is of utmost importance and is almost inevitable.

Below listed are some of the best tools that can handle your Twitter tasks effortlessly so that you can pay attention to other work as well:

  • Buffer

It is one of the oldest and the first Twitter tools that helps you schedule your tweets. With it, you can easily schedule your posts, manage your account, analyze performance all at one place. It is by far the best tool and used by many for scheduling their tweets and managing their accounts. ( Available in both free and premium versions)

  • Manage Flitter

ManageFlitter is one such tool that helps you find your targeted accounts you want to connect to and also the accounts that are inactive, spammy or ones which you want to unfollow. With it, you can work smarter and faster on Twitter. ( Available in both free and premium versions)

  • SocialOomph

If you want advanced scheduling features, then this tool is a must-have. It lets you set up a queue of tweets and also an interval at which you want your tweets to go on your Twitter account. It truly boosts up your social media productivity and helps you monitor your activities.

  • Foll

This tool is specifically designed for Twitter marketing which enables businesses and individuals grow their audience, improve followers and analyze them and check service and content quality. Its features include post scheduling for up to 1000 posts, localizable automated direct messages, content suggestions and more.


This is your very own automated social media manager. With it, you can auto-post to Twitter and other social media. Automatically share your articles, photos, videos without any efforts. You can also recycle your Twitter posts automatically which you think are best.

  • Cronycle

Cronycle is yet another great tool for Twitter automation. On just one single platform you can curate content, collaborate and communicate. It makes the curation of content, its collaboration, and distribution easy for the teams. Irrespective of whether you are a marketing professional, an innovation consultancy, or even a financial wizard, Cronycle can help you with researching and gaining valuable insights on any topic.

  • Quuu

A great tool that helps you become more efficient with content curation. You can easily find content based on topics and keywords. It even does the work for you by reviewing the content to know whether it is worth sharing via your social media accounts.

  • Tweet Pup

Tweet Pup is your personal Twitter growth assistant. It naturally and quickly grows your followers and drives only the real users to your business. It automatically likes, follows and retweets the Tweets that are relevant to your blog, business, YouTube and more.

  • TweetDeck

The most powerful Twitter tool for organizing, engaging and real-time tracking. With TweetDeck, your tasks such as searching for relevant conversations, monitoring keywords and following your lists can become much more efficient and fairly simple.

  • Socialius

Socialius makes your social media management easy. This platform is very helpful for Twitter beginners to even experts. It helps you optimize and discover the best social media strategy.

I hope this curation helps all those hard-working social media marketers out there. Without the help of such incredible Twitter automation tools, one can never achieve Twitter marketing success. However, I suggest you use the tools on the basis of your requirements only after you have learned using Twitter completely.

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