Advay Ramesh – Google Community Impact Award Winner

Hello Folks,… 14 year Indian boy Advay Ramesh became a Google Community Impact Award in Asia. The winner is 14-year-old Ramesh Advaya, India, Asia. A 14-year-old student from Chennai, Asia reputed Google Community Impact award.

He is a device designed to increase the safety of fishermen and productivity.

Who is Advay Ramesh?.

Ramesh’s Lifeline fishermen terminal (feeling). Hand-held terminal standard position service (SPS), an open service without encryption provided by the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System uses the safety of fishermen at sea and to increase productivity.

Advay Ramesh became Google Community Impact Award Winner 2016

Advay Ramesh, Chennai, a 10th grade student of National Public School, a $ 50,000 scholarship from Google for 20 to compete is also among the shortlisted finalists.

“Google Community Impact Award Winning means a lot to me, I can learn more and further develop my ideas will help.” Ramesh said after winning.


I often troubles Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu faced by fishermen have read about the news. They remain in the sea for many days to work. Sometimes, the Sri Lankan forces them to cross the International Maritime Boundary Line arrested.

Location based information for fishermen to handle these situations can provide many valuable services, Ramesh said in the description of your project.

What is the Project of Aday Ramesh?.

Advay presented his project on creating ‘FishErmen Lifeline Terminal (FELT)’ to enhance the fishermen safety and productivity using Global Positioning Services (GPS).

That won him $10,000 in funding and a year-long mentorship from Scientific American to further help develop his winning project.

Advay who is currently studying in Class X in National Public School, Chennai has also been chosen among the Top 20 finalists shortlisted to compete for a Grand Prize worth $50,000 in scholarship.

About Advya Ramesh.

Advay Ramesh is a student of National Public School, Chennai and studies in 10th standard.


ramesh advay

He has also been shortlisted as one of the top 20 finalists to compete for a Grand Prize worth $50,000 in scholarship.

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