Airtel Offers 1GB 4G For Rs. 4 Only Jio Effect

Hello Folks,….  Airtel Offers 1GB 4G For Rs. 4 Only  Jio Effect.

Competition between mobile operation started. Today Airtel  offwe that provides 1gb Rs.4 only with 28 days validity.

Recently jio launched a plan where they provide 1GB of 4G data for 50RS.

Airtel 4G 1GB at 4RS


Airtel 4G data for only Rs. 4. providing 1GB. For this all you need is just to goto the store and recharge your Airtel SIM 4Rs to recharge 1GB 4 G Data to tell them and you will find that is valid for 28 days.

The proofs are added screenshot. You have doubts, or any proposal do not forget to share them in the comments.

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