Apple ios 10 New Features 8 Great Secret Features

Hello Folks,…Apple ios 10 New Features 8 Great Secret Features,. Apple has announced a new version of iOs 10, We have seen with the latest Update of ios we always get some new features and today we are talking about some excellent new features of ios 10 that are offering for iPhone and iPad users.

No Doubt ios 9 is one of the Successful ios Update but now Apple has released ios 10 and now we can easily update our ios Device to ios 10 in few clicks, before updating it’s always a good idea to check the new features that are coming with the ios 10.

Now Here are the Top New Features that are Coming with the latest ios 10.

Apple ios 10 New Features 8 Great Secret Features

1 Apple Mail:

Apple Mail is one of the best ways to access our emails and most of all the people are using this awesome app but haven’t seen much improvement in this field but now Apple has added some really useful features to Apple mail with ios 10.

Fast Unsubscribe: Fast Unsubscribe is one of the best Option this allows you to unsubscribe to any newsletters. if you have Subscribed to any news latter and you are keep getting emails then now you will get the Fast Unsubscribe button below the each email so you can easily hit the Unsubscribe button to avoid those emails.

Unread Only: It is another good new features that are Coming with the ios 10, now you have the option to Filter Unread emails. You have Complete access to get the list of Unread emails. This Option will bring all the emails are not read yet so you can save your important time by reading those emails.

2. iMessage:

Next, Apple has brought the bunch of new features for iMessage. Apple has updated some cool features that we are missing for the iMessage, have a look on those new features for iMessage that are coming with ios 10.

Read Receipts: Apple is offering Read Receipts features to ios 10 users, that means now we can ask iMessage to show the Read Receipts details so you will get the complete details that at what time other iMessage users have seen your messages.

Save Data: Not all users are having Unlimited data and for the reason Apple is Offering new features in ios 10 For iMessage that is Save Data. Now you can Go to Settings > Messages > Enable Low-Quality Image Mode. This will Compress your images and it will use fewer data so you don’t have to worry about the data usage at the time of using iMessage.

Image Search: it is another powerful feature that is Coming with the ios 10 for iMessage. Now at the time of writing the message you have the option to search for the image. isn’t it a good option? you can easily click on App Store icon so you will get the image search option and you can send it via attachment to other iMessage users.

3. Apple Maps:

Apple Maps is another field where Apple are lacking as we all know that Google maps are very famous but now Apple are adding more features and with the ios 10 they have added some extra features that are definitely attract more users.

Find My Car: It is one of the good options, Now you can easily Find your car where you have parked. This features works with the Siri and it will drop the pin at the time of when you stopped your car for the parking. you can easily find the location of parking using this excellent features.

Avoid Tolls: This is features Something similar to Google maps to avoid the Tolls to save some bucks. You can easily set up the route and at that time you can tap on on Avoid Tolls so you will get the alternative route.

4. Delete Stock Apps:

It is one of the Much awaited features for the ios Users, Now you don’t have to create folders to Hide Stocks Apps you can easily Delete those unwanted applications from your ios device in ios 10.


People are waiting for this feature for a long time and before this, you only have options to hide the stock apps by creating folders but now with ios 10 you can easily delete unwanted ios stock apps. if you required stock apps any time then you can download using the App Stores.

5. Lock Screen:


Apple has added New Features to Lock screen in ios 10, Now you have most advance Lock Screen for the ios Device and you can perform lot’s of a task without even unlocking your iPhone. Here are the new features that are Coming with the ios 10 for Lock Screen.

Quick Reply:

Now You can Quick Replay from the Lock screen on ios Device in ios 10. If you are getting any messages then now you can quickly reply to it without opening the Message app. you have this option to make answer fast and you don’t have to always Unlock your iPhone to reply to the message.

Quickly Call to Favorite Contacts:

its is Another Good Option now you can Quickly Call to your Favorite Contacts without Unlocking the Device. Using the quick Widget option you have The Option to make the Phone call easily to Favorite Contacts. for this you need to have some contacts in the favorite list then only you are able to use this new feature in ios 10.

6. Clear All Notifications:

Apple has Finally Bring this excellent features to ios 10 it will now allow you to clear all Notification with one click. if your device is having 3D Touch Supporting then now you can use this features to Clear all the Notification easily with one click.

7. Close multiple tabs in Safari:

Next Big Features added to Apple Safari in ios 10. Now you can easily Close Multiple Tabs in Safari with one click. if you are using safari on ios Device and have opened lots of tabs then now you can close all the tabs with a single click. this is one of the important features that is coming with the ios 10.

8. Contact name suggestions:

This is yet another Powerful features that are coming with the ios 10. if you are sending a message or call to someone then ios 10 will start to search for the number and it will suggest you contact number. this is something similar to email if that emails list available in our list then we get suggestion so you also have a similar feature for ios 10 for contacts and you will get the suggestion for it.

These are the New Features that are Coming with the ios 10 for iPhone and iPad. apart from this, there are numbers of Hidden features that are included in new ios 10. Don’t forget to share your experience with us and also let us know which feature you liked the Most in ios 10.