The Best Free Model Release Form Template for Photography

The ones that you take randomly are some of the best shots. You’re at a concert, at the beach, or discovering a new place, and you unexpectedly see an image of something worth taking. Those unplanned shots also include individuals, feelings, and unforgettable moments, exactly what sells well on the internet.

Can You Publish These Shots?

You need permission if you take images of persons, locations or things and publish them. Knowing when to use a picture release form will save you the hassle of problems with copyright infringement.

If you’re trying to sell your images on the market, either a completed model release or a property release form can need to be issued. Knowing all about these photo release forms & launches, you’ll be prepared to take great pictures and sell them on the market when you need them.

What are photo release forms?

A photo release form is essentially a contract for photography. It’s a contract between the photographer and the person you’re photographing, the owner of the photographed house, or your customer.

A main feature of waivers for photo release is that they are not one-sided. That implies that it should usually not only ask the model or property owner to sign their rights to their likeness or property and call it a day.

In return, something should be given, in legal terms, called a consideration, so that the picture release is a fair, two-way street.

Similarly, there should be some form of compensation if you sign over the rights to the photographs in a media release form.

How to access a photo release form?

One of the best ways is to access the photography copyright release forms online. There are a number of online applications & SAAS providers that offer numerous free templates for photo copyright to use for free. CocoSign is one such SAAS provider. You can use the model photo release form offered by CocoSign from any computer with an account and internet access. This cloud-based technology guarantees that the signatures are, as per the regulators, relevant and compliant.

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CocoSign brings the best Free Model Release Form Template for Photography.

With them, in minutes, you can prepare deals, contracts and settlements. You can have a legally-binding agreement with a few editions and clicks that can be used as a contract or agreement.

Types Of Photography Release templates available on CocoSign

CocoSign is an e-signature service as well which not only allows you to download the photo release templates but also sign them online. It offers all kinds of forms related to photography copyright. Have a look at some templates available on CocoSign;

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  • Pet Photo Release Form: Gives the right to use photographs taken of their pet to a third (3rd) party.
  • Copyright Release Form for Photography: Allows pictures or letters of “copyright” or “trademark” to be removed from any photograph taken by a photographer. For school or pictures, this is normal.

●      Video Release Form: Allows someone else to have permission to use any video taken for personal or commercial use by an entity.

●      Daycare Photo Release Form:  Provides consent to the use of photographs of their child by a parent or legal guardian. It is possible to use the images internally or for commercial use.

●      Employee Photo Release Form: Allows an employer to use the photo of an employee for promotional use, such as a “About” page on the website of the company or for marketing purposes.

●      Minor (Child) Photo Release Form: Give permission to a third (3rd) party to use their child’s images. It is popular for school images, but can also be used for professional purposes.

●      Model Photo Release Form-Can be used to consent to the photographer by a photographer giving consent to the model for the use of the images or by a model.

Features of CocoSign

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  1. With the aid of CocoSign, you can sign PDF online at your proposal. You can place your encrypted and protected signature digitally once the contract format is prepared and the signature fields are added.
  1. CocoSign enables clients, associates, and staff around the organisation to insert their signatures on the documents with the help of the in-person signing feature. They can do this from anywhere in the world on their phones , tablets, or computers.
  2. To monitor the status of their digital signature, you no longer have to follow up with customers or staff. You can actually monitor who has signed the documents from the CocoSign gui and who is still to be signed.


You can confidently post your photos on your photography website now that you know all the ins and outs of photography release forms and know that you have the legal right to do so!

Grab downloads of your free release form from CocoSign, sign and provide clients with the following photo release to give them permission to print or view copies (i.e. model book, comp and zed cards, or websites) for their purposes.

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